Arctic Monkeys With Black Keys Tour



Sold out #amNew 2203

Madison Square Garden w/Black Keys - New York, NY

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25.03.12 9:38 am

Amazing show. This made my year, it really did. I was jumping for joy when I heard 'R U Mine?' which is currently one of my addictions. God damn, you guys need to come back asap. Please do so.


24.03.12 7:19 pm

8:00 and 6 seconds, Arctic Monkeys come on, I jump from my seat, screaaam as loudly as I can, and as I hear Alex Turner’s voice after almost a year, I crumble. That was it, my favorite @#$*!ing band was right there, and I could do nothing about it. I couldn’t just @#$*!ing go on stage and tell them how amazing they are, how much they’ve changed my life, how amazing they are, and how I look up to them. I couldn’t. But nevertheless, I @#$*!ing enjoyed it. I was the ONLY ONE in my section standing up and screaming. I was singing every @#$*!ing lyric of every @#$*!ing song. They started with Brianstorm, ended with R U Mine. And everything was perfect (besides my seats) ugh, and those mother @#$*!ing old people/parents all around me, like wtf you doing here?

Hellcat Spangled Shalala: I had to let myself go on this one, or else, I wouldn’t have lasted for the rest of the concert. I started crying, sobbing, everything. While singing: “and in a hellcat spangled cavern, when your judgment’s down the road, and you’re acting like a stranger, cause you thought it looked like fun… ” I was like holding on to myself trying not to completely breakdown. I was going crazy in my head, I even like stupidly re-enacted the part: “I took the batteries out my mysticism, and put on my thinking cap” and litterally did the gesture of putting on a ‘thinking cap’. Hah, people behind me must have thought I was stupid and a crazy fan, which I AM! Hahhh

Last song…: R U Mine? Alex Turner, I am yours whenever you want, I would stop everything in my WHOLE entire life, I would cancel going into medicine school for you. You are so godly-like, talented, beautiful and everything a person could wish for… Anyways, they played this one beautifully. Just THE perfect way to end their opening. But I was so sad to see them go :’( I could’ve just ran and followed them, but didn;t want to get kicked out…


24.03.12 3:34 am

Great show! Amazing night. One of the best shows I've ever been to!


23.03.12 10:50 pm

amazing show last night!!!!


23.03.12 8:53 pm

Great show last night, both bands killed it.


22.03.12 4:29 pm

Anybody know what time they come on tonight?

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