Arctic Monkeys With Black Keys Tour



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Powerbalance Pavilion w/Black Keys - Sacramento, CA

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21.05.12 1:01 am

you guys are one of the most amazing bands in the world and I drove 5 hours to see you play in sacramento I was the only one way in the nose bleed section singing and standing up, I want to apologize for how bad that crowd was, you deserve way better, hopefully you do your own headling tour soon and come to southern california


15.05.12 5:30 am



12.05.12 6:39 am

I went just to see you guys, this was the second time, the first was the Hollywood palladium and both shows were awesome. Wish you would have played longer.. Come to fresno!


09.05.12 3:03 am

I went specifically for Arctic Monkeys and ended up enjoying the entire gig. It was a full night of great music. What else could you ask for? Come back soon, boys. The Bay Area (+ NorCal) loves you.


09.05.12 12:23 am

Amazing show! Sacramento was not as supportive! But I Loved seeing you guys perform please come back to California!


08.05.12 5:04 am

Thanks for coming to Cali! Love you guys and your music so much!! This was my 4th show, and it just keeps on getting better and better each time!! Love all of the new singles, keep it up!!


08.05.12 4:58 am

You guys were absolutely amazing! I'd only listened to a few songs before the concert, but I fell in love on saturday night!! I have to agree not enough love from Sac, which sucked because you guys rocked my socks! Sure know how to kick some ass. I hope you enjoy you're time in America! Much love!


08.05.12 2:01 am

¬°Happy B-Day Matt!


07.05.12 5:56 pm

woooo! Amazing Show!!!!:)


07.05.12 10:45 am

Brilliant! I like the Black Keys but I came especially for Arctic Monkeys! Please come back. . I would die for a small show in San Francisco. Very impressed with you guys.


07.05.12 7:48 am

Great show! Glad you guys came to Sacramento!


07.05.12 7:07 am

Two friends and I drove for almost 6 hours from Santa Barbara to be there. And it was worth it! You guys were amazing! We were lucky enough to be front row center. I was jumping as high as i could and screaming as loud as i could and not giving a f**k :D Please come back soon, anywhere in California and I'll definitely be there


07.05.12 12:30 am

Thank u guys for coming to Sacramento!! The show was amazing. I am so happy to see at least two other posts confirming that there is some luv here in Sacramento. I hope u will return. I also hope u will try one of our smaller more intimate venues so we can all enjoy it thoroughly!! Best wishes for the remainder of the tour :)


07.05.12 12:29 am

Happy Birthday, Matt.


06.05.12 3:39 pm

Agreed, not enough love in Sacramento but it was completely worth the 2 hour drive!! I love you guys! Alex I was yelling for you! Your set made my night and I definitely won't miss the next show!


06.05.12 9:54 am

Awesome show! Not enough love for Arctic Monkeys in Sacramento though!


07.02.12 4:05 pm

ticketmaster is selling them for $59.00 for one ticket... general admition is sold out.


14.01.12 10:43 pm

@ Gbid depends where you get them I got mine at the box office and it was cheaper then online.


10.01.12 3:00 am

How much are tickets going to be?

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