Arctic Monkeys With Black Keys Tour



Sold out #amPort0603

Cumberland County Civic Center w/Black Keys - Portland, ME

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07.03.12 8:43 pm

Great set. All I wanted was a li'l live "R U Mine?" in my life, and... WISH GRANTED! You ROCKED Portland, ME, guys. Keep it up! -


07.03.12 3:26 pm

Brilliant performance by the Arctic Monkeys. If only the black keys opened up for you guys. But Y U NO PLAY DO ME A FAVOUR?!?!


07.03.12 1:14 pm

Absolutely mind blowing performance. Great choices in songs, great energy and fun to watch! Def will be seeing you guys again!!


07.03.12 11:56 am

This concert was INCREDIBLE! The Arctic Monkeys played really well, entertained the crowd, and actually played a lot of songs, despite being the opening band. And to say the least they were AMAZING!! The Black Keys following up were outstanding as well! I would go back to this concert in a heartbeat!


24.02.12 5:24 pm

yeeah, im going to this concert!!!!!


01.01.12 4:41 pm

Finally! Someone cool comes to Portland!!!!!!!

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