Arctic Monkeys With Black Keys Tour



Tickets #amSacr0505

Powerbalance Pavilion w/Black Keys - Sacramento, CA

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07.05.12 5:56 pm

woooo! Amazing Show!!!!:)


07.05.12 10:45 am

Brilliant! I like the Black Keys but I came especially for Arctic Monkeys! Please come back. . I would die for a small show in San Francisco. Very impressed with you guys.


07.05.12 7:48 am

Great show! Glad you guys came to Sacramento!


07.05.12 7:07 am

Two friends and I drove for almost 6 hours from Santa Barbara to be there. And it was worth it! You guys were amazing! We were lucky enough to be front row center. I was jumping as high as i could and screaming as loud as i could and not giving a f**k :D Please come back soon, anywhere in California and I'll definitely be there


07.05.12 12:30 am

Thank u guys for coming to Sacramento!! The show was amazing. I am so happy to see at least two other posts confirming that there is some luv here in Sacramento. I hope u will return. I also hope u will try one of our smaller more intimate venues so we can all enjoy it thoroughly!! Best wishes for the remainder of the tour :)


07.05.12 12:29 am

Happy Birthday, Matt.


06.05.12 3:39 pm

Agreed, not enough love in Sacramento but it was completely worth the 2 hour drive!! I love you guys! Alex I was yelling for you! Your set made my night and I definitely won't miss the next show!


06.05.12 9:54 am

Awesome show! Not enough love for Arctic Monkeys in Sacramento though!


07.02.12 4:05 pm

ticketmaster is selling them for $59.00 for one ticket... general admition is sold out.


14.01.12 10:43 pm

@ Gbid depends where you get them I got mine at the box office and it was cheaper then online.

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