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Palacio - Madrid, Spain

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02.01.12 4:18 pm

; Who's excited? ehhh? only 26 days, cannot wait mate!
So I'm gonna leave my twitter here in case someone who's going to Madrid wants to talk to me or something :3 @K__att ^^


21.12.11 12:27 pm

Right here we go, I tweeted this to Matt but considering he's rarely on twitter I doubt he got or even considered reading it, it started as a letter to Matt and then to Alex so I'm just going to write it out as it is on twitter without Matt's twitter before every tweet. I think I'm on the Madrid page or something but whatever as long as you read this! Dear Matt, I'd like to start with you're a legend and I love your hair not sure if I prefer the afro over it. But anyways I need to talk to Alex about his writing, so I'm going to tell you and if you think it's worth him reading than you can pass it on? I heard that you think you can't write hit singles anymore? But I beg to differ your new album is good like you said Alex the melodies are like 'sunshine' but there's one thing i've noticed it's that on all your previous albums all the songs tell a story but on the new album I find this not as much I mean they do tell stories but the stories aren't as moving I can't connect to them as much as the previous ones your songs need to be about nightlife my faverouite album has to be Favourite Worst Nightmare and I've already wrote it down so there's no going back I can't make up my mind you see. Anyways your songs need to be about nightlife, clubs, people, I think that you's should go back to sheffield to The Grapes, Stocksbridge, Hunters Bar, The Plug, The Leadmill, The Frog and Parrott, Bruceworks, Neepsend, Sheffield Uni, and maybe even The Boardwalk your old job *Cute Sigh* Go @#$*!ing everywhere get inspired do it write your little short stories put a @#$*!ing class rythm to it get Miles Kane in get him to do some of them because 505 is a @#$*!ing masterpiece! Do not give up whatever because your music inspires me and your vocals? @#$*!ing hell Alex, your voice is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard in my whole life it inspires me, and the guitair riffs? Absaloute beautiful the way your fingers move with those smart Dunlop picks. Your amazing Alexander and the new landscape you should adapt, but not massively the Arctic Monkeys thing was about doing your own thing there was a bidding war remember everyone wanted to change you and then you signed to Domino Records! Because your independent. You could even write another album with The Last Shadow Puppets If You Wish *FanGirl* My faverouite song if I had to choose would either be You Probably Couldn't See For The Lights But You Were Staring Straight At Me or A Certain Romance or The View From The Afternoon or When The Sun Goes Down or Mardy Bum or Too Much To Ask or Despair In The Departure Lounge or No Buses or Nettles or Teddy Picker ahdshf I really cannot pick one I could go on forever I could list all your @#$*!ing discography as my faverouite because I can't pick one thats for sure! But bring back the riffs everything and I know this will probably go unread but I really hope it dosen't I am proud of you and I just want to give you a big hug as I'm like crying. ps. Shout out to Matt Nick and Jamie all of you people are legends absaloute legends!!! I am a mega freak but I love you all especially you Mr. Alexander David Turner


21.12.11 10:10 am

So @#$*!ing Excited.


29.11.11 3:53 pm

I'm going, YAY! Can't hardly wait :D


30.10.11 12:48 pm

:D me perdi el ultimo, y me arrepiento muchisimo!! quiero ir quiero ir quiero iiiiiiiiiir!!


25.10.11 9:22 pm

Ya tengo la entrada, sólo queda esperar :3

leo starr

21.10.11 10:07 pm

SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


21.10.11 6:00 pm

Xmes no te preocupes aun hay entradas asi que guay, y seguro que encuentras gente yo lo encontre en tre un mar de gente que no los conocia xD te diria que te vinieras con nosotos pero no te conozco de nada xD


20.10.11 8:35 pm

Aqui uno que va!! A ver si para la proxima semana tengo la entrada :D Solo me queda encontrar acompañante xDD


20.10.11 3:46 pm

YEAHH! ya queda mucho menos chicos aun quedan tres meses pero bueno lo importante es que les vemos xD

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