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Glass House - Pomona, CA

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11.04.12 11:44 pm

I agree w/ complaints. There should have been an email sent out to those who signed up for your mailing list. I avoid Facebook and Twitter or any other social networking BS (unless I had to hunt down pre-sale codes, which was the case for this show) -- as far as I'm concerned, scalpers can view those just as easily, but what don't scalpers do? They DON'T sign up for band mailing lists to keep tabs on band news because it's just email junk to them -- but FANS do. Use your mailing lists plz.


11.04.12 3:24 am

@#$*! THE GLASS HOUSE,the glass house is my favorite venue, but still @#$*! THEM @#$*!S...the presale is a bunch of bull@#$*!...why can you just pick a date and sell the tickets on that day it's not that hard; and if you're going to have a pre-sale, only sell a cuple of tickets not all of them you dam @#$*!en @#$*!s!!


09.04.12 6:38 pm

ADD ANOTHER SHOW!!! Tickets for the Glass House were sold out before they even went on sale. So I went to the Glass House record store day of sale to purchase my tickets and waitied in line for two hours. Finally when they opened, line started moving. I got to the front and they sold out! :( They only had 20 tickets there. And online all tickets were sold to all those stupid stubhub people who are selling just one ticket for $400 and its only one. Thats some bull@#$*!! So PLEASE guys add another show in Southern Cali. I'll die a happy gal if I get to see you guys live.


17.03.12 7:05 pm

I'm not done @#$*!ing about this either. WTF is up with a FB post and no tweet and no notification emails? You used to send out emails with pre-sale codes guys! Come on!


16.03.12 11:16 pm

That's a pretty @#$*!ty deal when you highly advertise show tix to go sale on day and the assholes at the venue sell them all the day before during a presale. I'm signed up for the venue and your guys here and I got no presale info. Only twitter fans for the Glasshouse got the code. Better venues limit presale tix. Very low class management @ the Glasshouse! Guys - next time play at a better venue & location. The fans want to see you. $1000 on ticketstub is F'd Up. :(


16.03.12 10:44 pm

I had to buy tickets from StubHub at 200% mark-up and I am scared that they aren't even real, so instead of being excited for the gig I am nervous that I am going to get to the door and be told that my tickets are are fake, that will be the ultimate let down and I may just bum rush the door if that happens. I've never bought tickets from StubHub before. Does anyone know who to verify if the tickets are real? I'd like to find out before I stand in line for 5 hours to get to the door....


16.03.12 7:30 pm

It is absolutely ridiculous how the Glass House chooses to do business. What kind of venue tweets out presale codes 3 days before ticket sales and sell out all the tickets during presale? That is poor business practice and false advertisement.


16.03.12 6:43 pm

I had this on my calendar for weeks now to buy tix the second they went online. That sucks they all went in presale! Someday I will finally get to see Arctic Monkeys in all their glory... someday.


16.03.12 6:21 pm

How ridiculous!!!!! tickets according to the web page say they will go on sale at noon today!!!! grrr


14.03.12 5:11 am

sold out no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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