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Lollapalooza Brazil 2012 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

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16.04.12 12:07 am

The show in Brazil was AMAZING! Really good, perfect! Congratulations Alex, Nick, Jamie and Matt, congratulations Arctic!


16.04.12 12:06 am

Obrigado pelo show do Brasil, foi simplesmente INCRÍVEL, obrigado por existir, tava tudo perfeito!


15.04.12 2:58 am

Thanks for the great show at Lollapalooza BR! I think you're equal to the wine, the older the better! Please do not take that much longer to return to Brazil! The Brazilian fans of Arctic Monkeys are looking forward for a return from you soon! x)


13.04.12 11:22 pm

Incredible show! Amazing! Lollapalooza 2012 BRAZIL was perfect with Arctic Monkeys. The fans was crazy for you. I'll keep that day on my mind. It was a dream! On saturday I went at Hilton Hotel but I didn't see anyone from Arctic Monkeys. Congratulations guys! And...Come to BRAZIL as soon as possible, please! =D


13.04.12 5:00 am

I'm huge fan, I was in the 2007 gig and had a great time too in Lollapalooza, I got the matt's drumstick and that was awesome!
I would like to thank you guys very much for doing what you do, you are a great band and your music really makes me feel better. Just hope you guys keep doing for as long as you can!
Hope to see you again soon.


12.04.12 1:14 am

Pleeease... Come back for Brazil and play Mardy Bum and A Certain Romance!!!! THANKS for Lollapalooza performance!!!


11.04.12 9:29 pm

Hey, i'm from Brazil and i can tell i had the time of my life at Lollapalooza. It was just incredible. All i ever dreamed has come true, you know? All because of you. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you so much, monkeys. I need to thank you for everything, i've been listening to you for a long time, it's been 5 years now and i'm only 14. I am so proud of you. I've seen you all grow up and everytime i stopped and listened carefully to your music, comparing the older albuns it was always getting better and better and better. Now I just can't imagine what's next. You're amazing. Really. Alex, Matt, Nick and Jamie. All of you, each one of you. I love you so much. I mean, i love your music, the way it makes me feel wonderful and how it works like a medicine to me. I'm so addicted to you. Hope you read it. And... why the @#$*! didn't you play Mardy Bum, A certain romance and Fake tales of san francisco? Now you'll have to come back to Brazil soon, so you can play to us! hahahaha and if you could, also play all the others songs, i wouldn't even matter...


11.04.12 3:02 am

It was amazing to see Arctic Monkeys in Lollapalooza Brazil!! Come back please...


10.04.12 2:10 am

THANK'S !!!!!!!!!!


09.04.12 3:23 am

Please come back more times for Brazil!

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