War Child On:Off

Arctic Monkeys are included in War Child's On:OFF photo project - a collection of music portraits capturing artists before they go on stage and immediately after they leave the stage.

More information about the campaign can be found here.

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22.11.14 4:47 pm

Seems like Germany needs you @#$*!ing soon!!! We MISS you like heaven and hell


22.11.14 1:08 pm

Does anyone know if they are touring in Sheffield in 2015 because I so badly want to see them! Oh and I love you Alex!!!


22.11.14 12:42 pm

What a pity that you do not arrive in Russia ! Thanks for the great music that we all so warm the soul.


20.11.14 8:57 pm

i meant vanish lol ffs


20.11.14 8:56 pm

don't vanich for too long eh? come home x love ya


20.11.14 11:33 am

can you PLEASE come to Birmingham or Manchester near December the 11th as my mum and dad are actually asking my granddad if he can buy me tickets to see you as a surprise birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!


20.11.14 11:29 am

I just had some news of my mum and dad who have been together for 18 years and I don't know if it is true but is jimmy carr alex turners dad can someone tell me please and if that is true I have a family secret that I have to tell everyone.


17.11.14 7:52 pm

Please please please come back to Sheffield on December the 4th our whole school us going to meadow hall at about 6 and me and all my friends love you!!!! From the mad girl who will be wearing an arctic monkeys baseball ... and earings. Absolutely love you guys xxxx :)


17.11.14 12:22 pm

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to Scandinavia! We will travel to any city for your concert. If you could come to Helsinki that would be the best thing ever! You could try the sauna and the local beer and swim in the lake afterwards:)


10.11.14 10:57 am

ii'am so sorry to hear about that I pay my respects to her family and friends R.I.P clara xxxxx

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