Birmingham LG Arena - Thursday 31st October

We regret to advise that due to illness Arctic Monkeys will be unable to perform at the Birmingham LG Arena tonight (Thursday 31st October 2013).

Please retain your tickets and await further information.

We very much regret any inconvenience caused.

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31.10.13 9:33 pm

Clearly the rock star attitude has gone to their heads: make it big, get rich and famous, treat your fans with contempt. Cancelling 90 minutes before the gig is unforgiveable, bearing in mind that they're playing in only a few places and must have known that people would be travelling from all over. Cynical ba*&£!ds.

dcfc monkey

31.10.13 9:04 pm

Do you know for a fact they were drugged up ?
I love the rumour mill when it gets going hardly like there the first band to cancel a gig ever. All u people seem to know everything that's gone on makes me laugh. And I was there tonight just got into the building and then told it had been cancelled I would rather they cancel than put on a @#$*! gig.


31.10.13 8:57 pm

I'm gutted but at the end of the day they are human and as much as people are let down the band are just normal guys who do on occasions get ill. If your saying that they were out last night and today they are hungover, how any times have you not turned up for work and let someone down because you have been on the smash the night before??? Lets just wait for the new date to be announced.


31.10.13 8:52 pm

16th birthday present for my son. Can't believe they waited till the last minute to cancel. Will they be refunding petrol money!!!!


31.10.13 8:50 pm

Wonder if it has anything to do with the music awards last night. Too much coke. What a disappointment


31.10.13 8:48 pm

you @#$*!ing assholes


31.10.13 8:47 pm



31.10.13 8:42 pm

Came from Dublin with my 15 year old daughter only to find gig cancelled as we were just arriving at venue.Totally @#$*!ed off is an understatement !! Rock stars my arse !!


31.10.13 8:38 pm

Birthday treat for my son, his first live concert, day off work, worked late all this week to finish early to drive down, petrol money, hotel room, parking - don't know if I could afford to do it again. Really, really hope there's a genuine reason and not just a hangover.


31.10.13 8:34 pm

IHave to say that the short notice is a joke. If you are genuinely ill then explain what the illness is and who is ill. If you were @#$*!ed and drugged up in the Groucho last night then you or your manager are to blame for tonights debacle. I was taking my 14-year old son to his first proper gig but you screwed it up for him! Better make it up to your fans and don't disappear up your own arseholes!!!

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