UK Arena Tour On Sale

Tickets for Arctic Monkeys UK Arena tour are now on sale - / /

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17.06.11 6:25 pm

hallelujah we got seated for birmingham i am beyond excited gonna be amazing i love you guys! and with THE VACCINES... my idea of HEAVEN! can't wait! :D


17.06.11 4:58 pm

Got seating tickets in Newcastle. I tried to get them during the presale but my credit card was declined so I had to get them through ticketmaster on the regular sale. Arrgh! Seats are terrible but hey better than nothing. This will be my first time seeing them in their homeland, since I will be moving from California! I've seen them 8x in Cali already!


17.06.11 11:50 am

got my email to say i could buy tickets on wednesday 15th of june. i recieved the email whilst at school, so forwarded it to dad, 5 minutes later he replied 'booked, wednesday 2nd november. MEN' i squealed in my lesson and couldnt stop smiling.
seen them 2 years ago in MEN for their humbug tour.
so so so excited. i cant wait!


17.06.11 11:13 am

I got mine:) standing 4 tickets for Nottingham. I went on Ticketmaster before 9 am and refreshed the page at 9 so I made sure i got them. I can't wait


17.06.11 10:30 am

been sat online since before 9am refreshing an following all the code typing in just to be told standing at metro radio arena is unavailable????? im @#$*!ed off cos on top of trying to ask why an just being made to listen to recordings they've charged me £8 to do so an i didnt talk to one human. i dont want seating right at the back i wont be able to see anything, sort it out arctic monkeys cos you cant say there sold out when i was on before 9am i shoulda been one of the first, dont understand at all


17.06.11 10:10 am

2nd O2 date on sale!


17.06.11 10:01 am

02 (standing) sold out with in 1 minute... jeez.
But then they're on resale website instantly, comeon ticketmaster, sort that out..


17.06.11 10:00 am

FFS! wanting standing anyone want to swap 4 tickets im seasting in manchester block 111. get back to me asap.


17.06.11 9:46 am

i was in the presale an choose seats like a moron, is it 'fist come first serve' on good seats?


17.06.11 9:28 am

Pressed the thing as soon as it went blue, but still missed out on standing. But went for sitting. A lot better than nothing.

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