Wet and Wild

Wet 'n' Wild

Wet and Wild? Dry and mildly amused more like. We chose to go to a water park on possibly the busiest day of the year, 45 minute queues for the rides in the blazing sun was no fun at all. Still, the rides we did get on were great, although I was robbed of the 50 dollar cash pot in the super eight speed race by Big Nige, who slid unnaturally fast down the shoot. I'm looking forward to a grudge match one day soon - and this time I will take no prisoners. I should add at this point that Al was beaten by a 12 year old girl, which makes losing easier to bear.

The Beach

Following on from the success of the BDO in the Gold Coast, we had two full days off plus a travel day to Sydney before we had to get back to work. Most of us decided to hire a car and take a trip up to Byron Bay for some R and R on the beach. Byron was stunning, and Watego Beach was a REAL surfer's paradise. The weather was great, the sea refreshing, and the bat and ball competitive. If only we had the forethought to pick up some supplies for a beach barbie, we could have stayed there until bedtime.



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