'Cornerstone' Released Today

Arctic Monkeys release new single 'Cornerstone' today. The single shall be available in 3 different formats, 7", 10" and MP3 Digital Download.

There is a limited edition 10" of 'Cornerstone' which will be onsale exclusively in Oxfams top 50 music shops. Oxfam will also be giving away pairs of 'golden tickets' to the band's forthcoming UK tour in each area.

'Cornerstone' is the second single from the recent number one album 'Humbug', and features new track 'Catapult' as well as exclusive B-sides 'Sketchead' and 'Fright Lined Dining Room'. All vinyls will come with a download code that enables fans to get MP3 versions for free.

A: Cornerstone
B: Catapult

A: Cornerstone
B: Catapult
B: Sketchead
B: Fright Lined Dining Room

MP3 Digital Download
1. Cornerstone
2. Catapult
3. Sketchead
4. Fright Lined Dining Room

The single can be purchased from the online store -

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10.05.11 8:56 am

True Religion

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