Arctic Monkeys Announce Amsterdam Show

Arctic Monkeys are pleased to announce they will be performing at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, Netherlands on Thursday 23rd June 2011. Tickets go on sale on Saturday 14th May 2011 from

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27.05.11 9:27 am

Arctic Monkeys, please, Come to greece !!!!!!!


18.05.11 2:48 am

Arctic Monkeys, please, Come to Brazil?!!!!!!
you have many fans here and you're my favorite band!


18.05.11 12:11 am

Very Pissed off that my sons friend cant get it on June 10th at Sheffield because my 54 year old wife has booked for my son and 3 friends with her credit card.
She cant let 1 0f them in because she has to use the ticket.
What A ******* farse


17.05.11 7:58 pm

yeee got a ticket!!! thank you so much guys!


16.05.11 5:52 pm

are there any arctic monkey fans in the us besides me? looking forward to aug 1 in dallas


15.05.11 12:04 am

ok hugoow. but its the only way we have to ask for a concert... at least I feel like I'm doing something else than waiting.
yes, its annoying, I admit it, but.... you know we'll keep doing it


14.05.11 4:28 pm

Paradiso tickets were sold out in like ten minutes :( more shows in holland please? =)


14.05.11 9:47 am

to all south americans: Stop ruin this site. it's very fckn annoying reading on every single page: Come to mexico/argentina/chile etc. be patient. and one day your most beautiful day in your life isn't your wedding but an arctic monkeys concert.


14.05.11 1:37 am

and when will I read "Arctic Monkeys are pleased to announce they will be performing at Buenos Aires city"? (!!!!) i'm always thinking about that.. :S pleeasee!


13.05.11 5:02 pm

@tonymoz i mean

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