Sheffield Cystic Fibrosis Appeal

Arctic Monkeys have donated the first bass guitar owned by Nick O'Malley when he joined the Arctic Monkeys to Sheffield Hospital Charitable trust to auction in aid of the Sheffield Cystic Fibrosis Appeal. To bid, click here

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13.12.10 11:37 am



01.12.10 12:37 pm

Fair play to you lads! It's good to hear something good is coming out of selling bass.
Come to Ireland soon!


24.11.10 1:04 pm

OMGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow in love with this band <3


23.11.10 7:17 pm

Put some new videos on the blog!


23.11.10 6:53 pm

I heard this from a friend of a friend of a friend................of a friend!!!! This guy apparently overheard this while he was servicing a scanner at Domino Records HQ, bit far fetched but I want it to be true like. He also "heard" that it`ll be a Homme and Turner production with John Ashton officially becoming the 5th Monkey tae!!!!! This is all plausible but I was also told that other singers/musicians will feature heavily on the album, rangeing from the obvious, Homme, Miles Kane, to the ridiculous but exciting, Nick Valensi and get this, Black Francis!!!!!!!


23.11.10 6:27 pm

yo hercyden how the F do yu know this dude??? to me it sounds false,,, i dont believa ya,, i might if theres proof??????? peace x


23.11.10 5:06 pm

I`ve heard that the new album, working title "Track & Field", will be out Feb `11, world tour dates t.b.a for around that time also, hope this info`s true, been effin ages eh???????


21.11.10 7:30 pm

heeey guys,i can't wait to here about your new album that is said to be coming out in 2011,i recon you should put the name abby in one of your songs :')
i hope you are all well,and can't wait to get more updated news!
much love,Abby(: <3


21.11.10 10:44 am

OMG I've waited so long of hearing news about you guys! please come back, or report us about your new CD


20.11.10 6:10 am

wow, how I wish!! hey ta much more expensive .... Taking wanted
leave a message for the band: you guys are awesome, please never stop
play, you have been, and always will be miha favorite band, thank you for
all these wonderful songs, even more XD

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