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Melbourne, home to the mythical Erinsborough and Neighbours; it's been part of life for as long as I can remember. Last time we were here we didn't have time to visit the set, but this time we will have a little bit more time off, so a view from Ramsey Street maybe on the cards?

The Melbourne gig was the first time the band had played an all seated venue, not that it mattered to the vibe of the gig at all. It still went off, although a little bit more politely than usual, what with everyone stood so nicely in front of their chairs. I think it must have benefited those who normally go to gigs and spend an hour in some sweaty blokes armpit or worse. This time they got to actually watch the show.

After the gig, and with three days graft under our belts, it was time for everyone to have a big drink because the next day was finally a day off. We went to a bar in St Kilda called Espy, and with a live funk and soul band playing, copious Moscow mules, I was in for a world of pain the next morning.

Monday, the day of BDO Melbourne was also Australia day/Chinese New Year/Geoff Barradale day. Who would have thought so many momentous occasions would fall on the same day? It got a little messy.



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