Arctic Monkeys Announce Open'er Performance

Arctic Monkeys are pleased to announce they shall be performing at the 2013 Open'er Festival in Gydnia, Poland. Tickets are on sale now from here.

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05.02.13 5:55 pm



11.01.13 6:11 am

if yous come to Scotland you'll make me a very very happy girl. I love yous.


07.01.13 9:57 am

Dear Alex,
I don't really know if one day you'll read this but my pleasure is to write it.
First I wish you a Happy Birthday, you deserve it. I hope one day I'll meet you, perhaps during you next stage in Portuguese festival or in Poland.
Actually I'm a French fan of 18 years old.
What is this letter for?
Well, I would like to tell you some few words about you and what you do.
Waw, what can I say first. I want you to know that I love the way that you find the right words and how you put it on the right notes, I love the way you teach me everyday how to play guitar, how to compose music and to listen too. Actually I grew up with you, with your music since I was 13. I remember the first time I heard the Arctic Monkeys, it was so baffling, I remember that after my first listening of "Fake Tales Of San Francisco" I said: "Those guys are @#$*!ing geniuses, from now on Arctic Monkeys is my favorite band!". And since this first listening, my love for you have never been struggling. You cannot imagine how much hours I spend arguing with my girlfriend in order to prove her that Arctic Monkeys are the best band all over the years. I also remember my reaction when I listened to Humbug for the first time, I said: "That can't be possible, a human being can't make masterpiece like this, this is made by gods or something like that".
Actually if I should summarize Arctic Monkeys in One word I would say "Genuine", because you're so genuine when you're on stage, you're so genuine when you're in my ears, in my heart and in my mind. This is crazy but I think about you and your band everyday, I ask myself "what are they doing?", "Are they composing?" etc...
So if I must tell you one thing, that would be "Thank you" , thank you for this music, thank you for those words you write so well, thank you for all that you do, because I think that you're a brilliant genius, the greatest genius of humanity.
P.S.: I'm really sorry for my poor ...


28.12.12 2:00 pm

that relatively small land mass known as Ireland could do with your genious prescence, Come on over, pints are on me


18.12.12 11:52 pm

Come on over to Ireland sure, its been too long since we've seen the best band around


18.12.12 2:31 pm

Come to Belgium


18.12.12 10:33 am

They're coming to Portugal. Oh yeah!


17.12.12 3:07 pm

Slovakian festival BAZANT POHODA 2013 is waiting for u!
Come to make our dreams real :)


17.12.12 2:12 pm

Come to Jakarta dude, Make some noise in Indonesia


15.12.12 6:42 pm


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