Birmingham LG Arena - Thursday 31st October

We regret to advise that due to illness Arctic Monkeys will be unable to perform at the Birmingham LG Arena tonight (Thursday 31st October 2013).

Please retain your tickets and await further information.

We very much regret any inconvenience caused.

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31.10.13 8:20 pm

My partner who's from Barnsley has always said the guys from Sheffield are pussies


31.10.13 8:12 pm

Bastards! Two days off work to watch Arctic Monkeys at. LG arena with VIP tickets only to find out on arrival at 6:45 that they've cancelled. They didn't look too ill at 3am this morning leaving the Groucho Club. I missed out on Halloween night with my daughter to put up with this crap. Get a @#$*!ing grip!


31.10.13 8:06 pm

I heard they couldn't perform because they re all stuck in a naked man chain


31.10.13 8:00 pm

The Macc Lads, "I've spilt more ale down me waistcoat than you've supped the night!" And gone to work the next day!!


31.10.13 7:49 pm

Should have got the Antarctic Monkeys to cover for them!


31.10.13 7:46 pm

Kez_anderson tosser


31.10.13 7:44 pm

Sheffield...a land of cloth caps, hard men and steel!
There is/was another band from Sheffield, Def Leppard. They lost a guitarist at a young age to alcohol, they carried on. Their drummer lost his whole arm, but still drums for them. Great guys.
Wimps, who call their "tour", 'one for the road', should try sticking to only two shandies and be in beddybyes for 10pm.
WHAT TOTAL FUXXING WIMPS to disappoint so many.
Good luck when the record sales fall and you lose all the respect you might have had.


31.10.13 7:44 pm

In response to Kez Andersons post, if a band member is genuinely 'sick' then maybe an explanation should have been given to fans at the point of cancelling the gig, then there wouldn't be a backlash and we would send get well wishes and respect them more for it. The Killers had to cancel a gig last year because Brandon Flowers lost his voice, we all sympathised with him and understood why they couldn't go on, the same could not be said for tonight's debacle.


31.10.13 7:36 pm

all I can say is that I am truly guttered this was my 16th birthday present ruined. ive known this band since I started listening to music. im truly disappointed.


31.10.13 7:35 pm

You selfish selfish little boys. Call yourself a rock star? People have travelled 100s of miles, booked hotels, babysitters, spent their hard earned money on this. I am currently sat at the bar in the LG Arena surrounded by shocked and outraged fans. Furious is a slight understatement. Man up and look after your fans. We put you there, you appear to have forgotten that. You have single handedly spoilt my partners birthday. We travelled from Bath, have a hotel for the night and currently don't know what to do now. Little boys.

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