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We touched down in a chilly New York, late Sunday evening (15th March), tired and groggy from the long flight; the final destination was Brooklyn. The taxi driver who provided the transportation to the hotel can only be described as a loon of the highest order. He insisted on singing at the top of his voice, clicking his fingers in a Doo Wop style and hurling a foul mouthed tirade of profanities at every passing car. He also threatened to throw the band out of the car on several occasions, on account of them pressing the many buttons in the back of the car. It seems they had developed a nose for misadventure on the flight over, but I'll come back to that a little bit later in the blog.

Monday (16th March) was recuperation day and a chance for everyone to stretch their legs and explore their new home for the next few weeks. Within hours of embarking on this new adventure, Nick, Jamie and Matt were found freewheeling through Brooklyn on 3 shiny new purchases. BMX's. I once took a nice pic of Matt on one during the first album recording sessions, which I will try and dig out for you. Matt insists that "The BMX is the best form of travel"...I'm not so sure.

Tuesday (17th March) was to quote Jermaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords "Business Time". The daily commute made easier by the E.T style procession of 80's bikes. Less than a week in the Big Apple and the lads are in trouble with the law. Matt puts it down to looking too rad on their new BMX's. NYPD puts it down to riding bikes on the footpath. Cautionary warnings issued, we were sent packing. Despite the drama, everyone is in agreement that Brooklyn is amazing.

It's too early in the recording process to give a good analysis of the new material, but so far everything is going and sounding great. In the breaks between recording, we've been catching up on the latest and perhaps most ridiculous reality TV shows. Until Matt brought them to my attention I was unaware of them, and still can't believe shows like this actually exist. "Tough Love" follows women really that are desperate for love (and fame), and then there is "Tool Academy", the horrendous irony of the title and the shows ├╝ber macho content must surely be intentional. Nick put it the best "They're really shit and depressing, but I can't stop watching them!". If you have access to these shows, go and see just how unspeakably bad they are.

To round up this episode, I'd like to play a little game of spot the difference. Unfortunately, it's just for fun and not a competition.

Tut Tut. Shame on you Mr Diddy. Get your own ideas for blogs.

See ya later alligator



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