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The gig at the Hordern was possibly the hottest gig yet. The security in the pit were supplying the flushed but elated faces in the front rows with water, and when it was time to leave the venue the band experienced a Beatlemania moment, with a lot of screaming fans waiting outside the gates for a glimpse of them. The determination of those who had been camped out there all day paid off as the band stayed until every item was signed.

The next day and the temperature in Sydney showed no signs of subsiding. In fact today, as there was no breeze, the dry heat felt even hotter. In order to cool down we decided to take a boat trip around the harbour and spend the morning on one of the small beaches just outside of Sydney centre. Unfortunately there was one seat short so yours truly slid around the boat like those dogs in the back of the van in the film Dumb and Dumber, much to everyone's amusement. Fish and chips dinner at the superb Doyle's restaurant and it was time to head back to the hotel and pick up all our gear for the BDO show in Sydney.


Timm, our tour manager warns us not to drink too much alcohol before the gig as a few of the previous bands have been suffering a bit under the relentless heat. As soon as his back is turned Jamie cracks a bottle of coopers ale open in defiance. Brits abroad eh!



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