The Orange Stage

Adelaide is most definitely the hottest place I have ever been to; temperatures during the day were tickling 47 degrees, and even at night we were well into the 30s. It must make me sound like a right moaning git, but it was so uncomfortably hot that we had to stay indoors most of the time in a heavenly cool, air conditioned room. Hats off to the Adelaide BDO masses who were forced to sit out in the burning sun all day. There was some relief though, from a wonderful contraption called The Mist Tent which doused punters in cooling water spray, but 5 minutes after exiting you were already baking again.

I was thankful for the cooling 30 degree breeze of Perth - a lot more hospitable to my pasty British complexion. I had fond memories of Perth from my last visit, the people were great and we found the best little bar called Hula Bula. Much to our delight it still existed and, even better, the owners have branched out and opened a club called Devilles Pad near by. If you were to see a photo of it you may be fooled into thinking it's a tacky version of Heaven and Hell or some other backwards, cheesy theme bar in Barnsley, with a play list including Hendrix, Presley and Dick Dale.

The Orange Stage

One last gig to go, and as I sit here in Perth contemplating the weeks gone by, it seems like a lifetime ago we touched down in Wellington after that epic flight; an epic flight I will be repeating again in less than 24 hours. The tour has been wonderful- the new friends we made along the way, the amazing new songs that were debuted and the excellent gigs that rocked. Hopefully you have really enjoyed The View From episodes. We have certainly enjoyed making them. With a new album in the pipeline, you haven't heard the last from me, but until next time, á bientôt.




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