Alex Turner Submarine EP Released Today

The 6 track EP of songs by Alex Turner from the film Submarine is released today(Monday 14th March 2011) on Domino Records. The EP will be available on CD, 10" and via digital download.

To purchase the EP, go to

The film from Richard Ayoade is released nationwide in cinemas from Friday 18th March 2011. You can view the trailer for Submarine below:

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15.10.11 8:00 pm

Just ordered in from the domino records cite!! can't wait 'til it arrives!!


07.10.11 9:49 pm

Saw the movie- it was amazing!! And the soundtrack although i haven't been able to find it. love you alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


31.05.11 12:54 pm

why can't i buy it from this cite?? it's not available at the store....where can i find it? amazon?


04.04.11 12:12 am

this song will be also in the new arctic monkeys album, isn't it? piledriver waltz, song 9 or something. i don't think jamie had something to do with this track, at least.. looks like the same production of the rest of the EP, does that mean that they made another version for SIAS?

31.03.11 5:18 am



30.03.11 4:01 am



25.03.11 1:37 am

I love this music! Alex, your voice is always beautiful.. when are you coming to Brazil again? we can't wait!


21.03.11 5:13 pm

just bought the EP and there just isnt a bad thing about it i love it

pau pei

21.03.11 2:08 am

pretty good... ! i love it !


20.03.11 10:59 pm

his voice is lovely

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