Arctic Monkeys Announce N. American Tour

Arctic Monkeys are pleased to announce a tour of North America in September & October 2011. Beginning at the Orpheum in Vancouver on 28th September, the band will be joined by Smith Westerns on this run of dates which wraps up at Stafe AE in Pittsburgh, PA on 18th October 2011. Full list of dates below:


28th Sept       Orpheum, Vancouver, BC
29th Sept       MacEwan Hall Ballroom, Calgary, AB
30th Sept       The Odeon, Saskatoon, SK


1st Oct           Burton Cummings Theatre, Winnipeg, MB
3rd Oct           Egyptian Room, Indianapolis, IN
4th Oct           The Pageant, St.Louis, MO
5th Oct           War Memorial Auditorium, Nashville, TN
7th Oct           Hard Rock Live, Orlando, FL
9th Oct           The Ritz, Tampa, FL
11th Oct         The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA
12th Oct         Disco Rodeo, Raleigh, NC
14th Oct          House of Blues @ Showboat Atlantic City, Atlantic City, NJ
15th Oct          Rams Head Live, Baltimore, MD
17th Oct          The LC Pavilion, Columbus, OH
18th Oct          Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA

Tickets will go on sale on Saturday 16th July - 10am(Local Times)

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22.07.11 10:29 pm



22.07.11 5:40 pm

Come to Costa Rica!


22.07.11 5:05 pm

But, I must give Central & South America credit for knowing English. As well as people in Europe. It amazes me because, from what I've been told, English is difficult to learn (due to all the word-order, sentance-order, and punctuation rules). I've always spoken English, so it's easy for me. Very few Americans take time to learn another language, though. I know "enough" German. So, if I were to move there, I would be able to get around, but I couldn't a crazy-long, in-depth conversation with a German. I'm not that good at it, and I have an accent from hell from what I've been told - hahaha. So, I have to give like the whole world credit for knowing English - hahaha. A guy that lived with us was from Norway and he's been learning English since he was like 7! I started German when I was...13 I think? So, you guys have to get credit for that :)))))


22.07.11 4:56 pm


I agree...I mean, it's not like I will ever meet them. I intent to move to the UK, attend Vet's school, then move to Germany - get back to my roots (now I'm sure people will rag on me for being a "nazi", although I'm not one at all). I just have some very serious issues with illegals (get this straight - I'm not saying they are illegals! They obviously are still in Mexico). Recently, a girl (10 years old) in a neighboring city was raped repeatedly by two illegals, she got pregnant, and they said they would kill her if she told anyone. She had her baby a couple months ago, in her bedroom at night. No one knew she was pregnant. That just added onto my frustration with Mexicans. It just @#$*!es me off that they think they are part of North America. Cos here in the US (I can't speak for Canada), we say they are from Central America. Maybe we just came up with that as a deterrent to try and keep them away, I don't know, and I don't plan to delve deeper and try to find out. No point in trying that cos I don't really give a rat's ass. Sure, the Arctic Monkeys should tour down there...but maybe there aren't enough fans there. I mean, yeah, there is a lot commenting on here and on their YouTube videos, but then you have to put that into perspective with how many people occupy Central and South America. It would probably end up costing the AM more money than they are making. everyone down there - GET ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO LOVE THE ARCTIC MONKEYS!! Cos, if there is enough of a demand, I'm sure they will rise to the occasion and perform for you guys :) I'm honestly surprised they are coming to the south-east US...cos as many rednecks as there are, I couldn't imagine it being a very large show. Only 6 of my friends know of the AM. But, I think that everyone should try out REAL music. The Beatles & the Who & Jimi Hendrix were REAL. They didn't have all this crazy voice-changing technology or an electronic "band" like Kesha, Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, and Justin Beiber have. What you heard on the vinyl is what you got on concert. We need to bring that back! REAL music with REAL talent! :)
That is all... :)


22.07.11 1:13 pm


Ah, your anti-Mexican little essay you just posted there makes it very clear you don't have anything against Mexico at all. almonkey said Mexico was a part of North America, and then you said Mexico wasn't part of the US, which is completely redundant. I'm sure almonkey isn't making a case for illegal immigration either, but just pointing out was that the Monkeys spend an awful lot of time in the US these days, and judging by the number of Central/South American fans that post on here, they need to broaden their horizons :P Now, less hate, more music!

(P.S. come back to Belgium please (: )


22.07.11 12:46 pm



21.07.11 9:36 pm

Guys you can't imagine the number of people waiting for you here in Brazil
won't you come?


21.07.11 9:36 pm

Guys you can't imagine the number of people waiting for you here in Brazil
won't you come?


21.07.11 6:21 pm

Come to South America...There's more America than the North!


21.07.11 1:56 pm

and i suppose the text book writers were high as well?? And Greenland is owned by Denmark. Although it may be part of the US, it is still owned by Europe. And I never said that the US was "America". How about you please study more? I don't have anything against Mexico...I have a thing against illegal immigrants because our economy is already bad enough without someone sneaking our money over the border to benefit their family. I don't mind y'all immigrating with a GREEN CARD or VISA, but illegally will get you killed by the many rednecks that live in Texas who go out and HUNT for aliens, beat them, then shoot them. I think there are easier ways to take care of that issue, but if illegals want to put their lives in more danger by crossing onto our land, so be it. I also don't approve of the drug trafficking. Meth and cocaine are drugs that are tearing the society apart. People will walk up in someone's house, shoot everyone (including children), all for a couple of items they can pawn-off to get drug money. Not to mention what it does to people's organs. Drugs and stealing our money (which we barely have) are two problems that I have with Mexico. I'm not saying that all Mexicans are like that, cos I know they aren't, but I know a good deal of them that live near me that are illegals. Yeah, we can turn them in, but they have their whole family here. And they are working HARD for the money they make. At a regular day-job, and they aren't sending it over to Mexico. And they speak English. I hate it when immigrants come over the border speaking little to no English, like they expect us to know Spanish! Now, anywhere we go, everything is in both English and Spanish. If yo want to be in the country so bad, learn the language - don't expect us to cater to your needs. I sympathize for Mexico because I know that in a lot of places, it is full of gang-violence and drugs. But there are also the more quaint places where it is very civilized and everyone doesn't fear for their life. Just to show you that the US does realize what Mexico is going through. Hell, my brother is in the Marine Corps. He serves our country well. He just got back from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and eh doesn't have a hate towards Cubans. In fact, if a Cuban comes over into Gitmo, that has work skills, the US offers them work in the camp. Easy work. And they aren't forced into doing the work either. It is a choice that they get to make. The US isn't all bad, and neither is Mexico, but the US needs to stop trying to run in and save everyone's butt! We get involved in everything because we are an "ally" or "higher-power". A world capital (up there with the UK), so we are leaned on for support and it is putting us further and further into debt. Have I made my point clear yet?? :)

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