Optimus Alive 2014

Arctic Monkeys are pleased to announce they will headline Optimus Alive 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal on Thursday 10th July 2014.

Tickets are on sale now from here.

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25.06.14 8:20 pm

Please play 505. It's of my favorite songs. It's probably one of your best songs


25.06.14 12:31 pm

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


15.11.13 7:01 pm

And how about Rock Werchter in Belgium... We'd love to see you again!


14.11.13 12:44 pm

Hi there guys,

I've got some constructive criticism for you here, so, hopefully, you'll read the message, and get something out of it. I will post it also on the "wall", and the official AM site forum, because, I guess that's the best I can do on my own.

So, I've been on the AM concert 2 days ago in Munich, Germany. Have to say, I was never so disappointed in my life before at a concert, ever. Apparently Alex Turner cares more about his new hair style then he cares for his fans, which are his bread givers, mind you.

I was standing in the middle, maybe 10th row from the stage, feeling happy to finally seeing them perform when suddenly a mosh pit started to happen, as soon as they got on stage. Girls started screaming, not because they are oh so sexy, but because they COULDN'T BREATHE, and they we're being crushed under the crowd. Unfortunately I and my friend we're also the victims (there's really no other way of putting it). We got carried away in a flow of people, and got stuck 4 rows before the stage. I couldn't even reach the floor, that's how little space I had. After a while I got slammed to the floor, stepped on, but in the end was lucky enough to get away with only bruises.

Something COULD and SHOULD have been done. Alex just closed his eyes, and continued on with the show. He could have stopped for a few minutes and sort things out, but maybe he was high on coke, to really get what was happening?
I wonder, are they mainly performing for themselves or perhaps the fans who drove from all over to hear them perform? I didn't care about the 500 km drive in one direction, didn't mind the cost of the ticket, but the whole thing just disappointed me.
And as I've read on the forum it is a repeating occurrence. Some girls got it much worse than I did, and my body is still in pain, it feels as if I was beaten all over. No highly regarded, seriously taken artist should let this happen, sooner or later, there will be consequences. But how far do you want to take it? Until some teenager girl gets crushed to death, right under their noses?
Don't know about you, but I would consider this.

Just one more thing for the end, if there's a way let Alex know he doesn't need to comb his hair every 5 min, it will make him look more relaxed and in-to the public.



14.11.13 9:21 am

I have 1 standing ticket available for the Sheffield gig. Contact me if interested


13.11.13 11:11 pm

i refuse to believe any of you are bigger fans than i am.
thank you.


13.11.13 11:10 pm



13.11.13 8:50 pm



13.11.13 1:20 pm

So far, these are the best news I got music-wise for next year! I will be buying my ticket as soon as I can decide if there's anyone else worth watching for the remaining days of the festival... But I'll go to the first day, for sure, even if I have to work early the following day :)
Are you guys considering giving a standalone concert in Portugal, next year as well? I’m sure there would be a lot of happy people here if you were to do it. And with the economic crisis, I’m sure we can use with some fun ;-P


12.11.13 9:04 pm

is anyone opening up for you guys??

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