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Following the decision to postpone the show at the Birmingham LG Arena tonight and after seeking medical advice, Arctic Monkeys must also postpone the show at the Glasgow Hydro on Fri November 1st.

Alex Turner has been diagnosed with Laryngitis and is regrettably not able to perform. The show at the LG Arena in Birmingham will now take place on November 20th and the show at the Glasgow Hydro will now take place on November 21st. All tickets will remain valid for these shows.

We wish to apologise to all ticket holders for any inconvenience this has caused. Please contact the customer services at the box office you purchased your tickets for any further assistance.

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01.11.13 12:43 pm

Well said SP!


01.11.13 12:42 pm

AM5 - You've obviously misinterpreted my post. I was clearly stating to another member that THEY weren't the only ones to work hard. I was emphasising that they aren't the only ones. Perhaps you haven't been reading through the posts properly? I'm quite happy for thinking the way I do, thank you very much. You really should engage your brain when reading, you know? Of course everyone (including myself) are gutted about all this...but some comments going around are getting way below the belt about the AM and uncalled for. The lads are quite right partying now and then, they're the same age as me and a hangover is unlikely to make them cancel a gig. By the way, I'm entitled to my opinion like everyone else - just because you don't like it doesn't give you the right to tell me what to think and when to post. Man up. Have a good weekend, I'm going out to get @#$*!ed now and move on :D xxx


01.11.13 12:38 pm

I hope all these moaners do sell their tickets or get a refund. They will be better gigs without them


01.11.13 12:26 pm

Sorry about the typos in my last post but I can barely see what I'm typing in the comments box. Small white font on ivory coloured background. Anyone else got that problem?


01.11.13 12:14 pm

My thoughts:
AM were disrespectful to their fans staying out till 3am on Wednesday night. By my calculations they would have been drinking for around 8 hours from the beginning of the awards night. Party animals have a lowered immune system. If Alex does indeed have Laryngitis it's likely he's caught the virus because he was run down.
He could just have the mother of all hangovers. If they play Sheffield, then it's not Laryngitis.
I agree with 8955872ppu that a goodwill gesture for the fans would be good, but I also think people should clam for their expenses. It might be the only way to make such rock stars and their managers take their responsibilities seriously. Hit their wallets.
We near to the Arena yesterday when we heard the news of the cancellation. My daughter and her friends were gutted. We spent Halloween on the M! and M42. We didn't listen to AM on the way back.


01.11.13 11:50 am

I don't think it means you are being disloyal to the band if you are ticked off because you've lost money because of the late cancellation. The band and the management SHOULD be aware of the impact on us mere mortals. Feel slightly aggrieved that some people consider being a true am fan is limited to those who have time and money to spare. Don't think so. Get well soon Alex. Can't wait to see the rescheduled gig on 20th November, but it's going to be difficult scraping the money together to do it all again.


01.11.13 11:37 am

Alex, While you are at Uni, ask your lecturer to explain the difference between fact and analogy. And you claim to be a journalist - are you also in the SAS?


01.11.13 11:34 am

Hi 8955872ppu, if you could email me at I would be willing to provide you with my University email. I am not interested in the Arctic Monkeys or trying to tarnish their name, it is the story about the 5 star hotel you booked which had been boarded up which I am interested in


01.11.13 11:22 am

Bittersugar, your arrogance amazes me. Don't you think other people work hard too? People have worked hard to pay for hotels and travel expenses just to get it thrown back in there faces. i think you should have a little think before you choose to speak again.


01.11.13 11:16 am

Another note to the slightly dumber half of the nation - any kind of illness can suddenly get worse or appear due to stress/strain on the body. Fact. I work VERY hard for a living (hold down two jobs and I care for someone between these) and to earn money, you're not the only one blether! I can post you a violin if you wish? Yes, you should get over it. As I've said before, people like you have obviously had it easy in life and never had a blip before. You'll get nowhere with such attitude and I honestly do pity you. Sorry, it's maybe not your fault if you see things in black and white. You should educate yourself more and perhaps live life a bit more. Wake up for @#$*! ;)

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