Arctic Monkeys Announce Rock A Field Performance

Arctic Monkeys are pleased to announce they will be performing at Rock A Field 2011 in Luxembourg on Sunday 26th June 2011. For full details and to get tickets go to

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14.01.11 7:35 pm

it'd be nice to see you finally in Central Europe.. prague, bratislava or Wien.. even Budapest..anywhere

arctic awesome

14.01.11 5:54 pm

why do so many people ask you guys to play at their country's? it's like they think 1 comment could really change that |:


14.01.11 2:45 pm

Yeah, Finland, ABSOLUTELY! Arctic Monkeys haven't ever been to Finland , really they got so many fans here. I SO wish they could play a gig in Finland. :D


12.01.11 9:32 pm

Come to Chile Pelaseeeeeeeee!


12.01.11 8:21 pm

Come to Slovenia please.
Love your music!!!


12.01.11 3:22 pm

come to V festival! :)

angan aerol

12.01.11 1:18 am

arctic monkey!!! rock!!


11.01.11 11:20 pm

why don't you guys come to ROCK IN RIO 2011? it's going to happen in september 23, 24, 25 and 30 and october 02 and 03, and if you come in any of these days, it would be the best day of my entire life! and i'm not being dramatic, although it's what it seems haha


11.01.11 6:48 pm

How about Scandinavia? Finland?


11.01.11 3:29 pm

any english festivals this year? glastonbury or reading maybe?

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