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Following the decision to postpone the show at the Birmingham LG Arena tonight and after seeking medical advice, Arctic Monkeys must also postpone the show at the Glasgow Hydro on Fri November 1st.

Alex Turner has been diagnosed with Laryngitis and is regrettably not able to perform. The show at the LG Arena in Birmingham will now take place on November 20th and the show at the Glasgow Hydro will now take place on November 21st. All tickets will remain valid for these shows.

We wish to apologise to all ticket holders for any inconvenience this has caused. Please contact the customer services at the box office you purchased your tickets for any further assistance.

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31.10.13 11:39 pm

Yes some of these comments are disgraceful and noone can help illness, but cancellation minutes before the doors open is unacceptable and unproffesionnal. It would appear that comments made about cost being irrelevant are made by people with no concept of reality. Fans come in all shapes and sizes (pockets included). !!!!


31.10.13 11:27 pm

some of these comments are disgraceful, yes they cancelled last minute for birmingham however glasgow's cancelled in advance obviously to prevent disappointment and for the health of Alex. Not only this but they've rescheduled as quick as they possibly could do meaning people don't I have to wait around long for answers. I sat waiting for five hours outside of the lg arena but definitely don't regret it; surely everybody would prefer a rescheduled gig showing quality vocals in comparison to a gig on time with little or no vocals? Also extra expenses aren't the end of the world, real fans would be willing to pay, wait and enjoy a great performance despite the inconvenience caused!


31.10.13 11:24 pm

Bought tickets through viagago £100 each (what a rip off and wouldn.t use again) for last friday at earls court , who at the last minute couldn't provide the tickets and were replaced with ticekts for tonights , so having travelled 3 hours to get to LG arena tonight were let down for a second time - a bit of joke i think - not sure its that funny though. Have 3 very disappointed birthday boys , and now offered a school night as a replacement. Think the AM's may need a new manager at this rate, maybe i could be a contender , they may need to grow up a bit quick though. Who after all put the, where they are - think boys think.


31.10.13 11:15 pm

Think people should just chill out. I drove for 2 hours. Was 15mins away when i heard the news. My first thought was hope there ok. And turned around and went home. I think a lot of the people on here posting are just trolls jumping on the bandwagon. Id rather they cancel them him damage his voice and not sing again. Yes it was probably bought on by last night. But these boys work harder then most people think. They don't just turn up and play. They had a night off to let there hair down so they did. You've never been out late before you haters? So you've gotta book another day of work. And? So you booked a hotel. Enjoy your day off. Relax. Go Xmas shopping or something. As for not cancelling sheffield. they will probably see how he is tomorrow If these problems have made you hate the guys then was you really much of a fan in the first place. I understand your angry but you will get over it and laying into the guys you thought were good enough to want to go and see live is not helping any thing.


31.10.13 11:07 pm

you people are obviously not arctic monkeys fans in the first place if your calling them abusive names, actually get a grip they are arctic @#$*!ing monkeys for god sake, and alex turner is ill.


31.10.13 11:01 pm

Your bang on gazjones totally agree. Some people can be so naive, I can't stand these brown nosers


31.10.13 10:57 pm

Wonderful rearranged when I'm holiday so I don't get to see them now I have the added inconvience of having to try and sell my tickets great!


31.10.13 10:52 pm

I think he's already got the best healthcare money can buy as he's the only person in the work who can get over laryngitis in 2 days .... Amazing!


31.10.13 10:49 pm

SOMEONE GET THIS MAN THE BEST GODDAMN HEALTHCARE MONEY CAN BUY! It sucks that Glasgow has been postponed to a thursday night rather than friday but at least they are still going to be playing rather than just refunding the tickets and not performing at all, which some artists do… People who are complaining need to realise there is nothing else they can do, i mean would you really rather they went on with the show and for Alex to not be able to sing?! Yes it @#$*!ing sucks how people have already spent money on travel and hotels but it can't be helped he has gotten laryngitis for @#$*! sake


31.10.13 10:47 pm

I was due to go to Glasgow Hydro for tomorrow's gig. Can't get cancellation on train or hotel (hotel won't change my booking to the new date, so will have to pay twice). Won't stop me going on the 21st tho. Get well soon. I don't see that they could have done anything differently if you're ill you're ill and everyone would still have had the same problem with cancellation charges etc.

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