We regret to advise that Arctic Monkeys must cancel their show at the Stadthalle Offenbach, Germany on Monday 4th November 2013.  Alex Turner is recovering from laryngitis and is not well enough to perform.

For ticket refund information please contact customer services at your point of purchase.

We wish to sincerely apologise to all ticket holders for the inconvenience and disappointment this has caused.

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14.11.13 9:21 am

I have 1 standing ticket available for the Sheffield gig. Contact me if interested


04.11.13 10:34 pm

Get well soon baby, we all love u


04.11.13 4:28 pm

Selling 1 seated ticket, unable to attend rescheduled gig. E mail asap if interested to


04.11.13 1:25 pm

berlin peeps: Ithe organiser said around an hour or so ago that there is a 95% the Monkeys are playing tomorrow. The ticket vendor confirmed this to me. Details will probaly follow in the same mount of time as for Offenbach, i.e. it may still change tomorrow.


04.11.13 12:17 pm

Get well soon Alex... Praying for Paris... :(


04.11.13 9:03 am

All the best for you Alex! Get well soon!

For months I have been looking forward to Offenbach! Maybe there is a chance to see you guys soon near Frankfurt :-)


04.11.13 8:50 am

Hope to see you in Paris guys. No matter if not, Alex health is more important than anything. Please take care, we are backing you. Love


04.11.13 2:04 am

god, I bought two tickets as a gift for a friend... I was about to go to the airport here in south italy to be there in time for the show.. I'm just speechless. is it planned to postpone the concert? please let me know


04.11.13 12:07 am

so many people are so selfish! telling alex to get better just because you came "all the way"... what matters the most is that he get a plenty of rest and recover, NOT that he gets better by the time of whichever show you're attending...


03.11.13 11:30 pm

Dear Alex,get well, even if it takes much time, your health is the only thing that matters in this situation. Take care


03.11.13 9:36 pm

im really disappointed... came all the way for nothing...


03.11.13 9:11 pm

Dear Alex, please please please get better for Berlin!!!! we came all the way from israel especially to see you!!!! Please don't cancel the show!!!!! we can't stop crying already..........


03.11.13 8:21 pm

Cant see turner gettin better anytime soon folks, think me trip to paris is completly fooked now


03.11.13 7:30 pm

Alex! You've got to get healthy for Berlin! We literally crossed all Europe for this!! Please don't cancel the Berlin show!


03.11.13 6:13 pm

Why would they announce right away that there WON'T be a substitute gig and tell everbybody to get a refund if there was the chance of postponing it? You're probably not even concerned...


03.11.13 5:47 pm

omg ffs they've already postponed around three shows and they didn't say anything about postponing instantly so yours might get postponed as well, divs


03.11.13 5:35 pm

that true i want a substite gig too itts unfair 1!!!!


03.11.13 5:34 pm



03.11.13 5:32 pm

What about Berlin? Would be good to anounce it soon!


03.11.13 5:25 pm

I understand that the concert is cancelled if Alex is sick. But why don't we get a substitute gig???? I don't want the bloody money back. What a @#$*!ed up situation...

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