Birmingham LG Arena - Thursday 31st October

We regret to advise that due to illness Arctic Monkeys will be unable to perform at the Birmingham LG Arena tonight (Thursday 31st October 2013).

Please retain your tickets and await further information.

We very much regret any inconvenience caused.

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08.11.13 8:52 pm

2 seated tickets for the LG Arena Birmingham gig on the 20th, just £70 each seated together block 11
call 07881275069


07.11.13 5:34 pm

2 seated tickets available for LG Arena Birmingham on the 20/11/13, Seated and together.
Selling as we cannot make the rescheduled date.
Please call; 07447955982 for more info


01.11.13 2:15 am

Its a damn shmae that so many of you lost a lot of money tonight but get over it. I saw them in cardiff on tuesday night, and belive me when i say those guys really do care about there fans. They put on the best show ever and looked like they themselves were having the time of there life. I doubt they'd cancel the gig if it wasn't serious. yeah they might have been out last night but I'm sure these guys play with severe hangovers most of there tour. alex must really be ill. And as forletting ypeople know at short notice, it is quite bad, but how many people out there have woken up in the morning feeling fine, but by ta time felt like utter @#$*!e. we're only huan, so is alex turner


01.11.13 12:01 am

Ok whatbhappens to all the other comments made, they'vr disappeared!!!!


31.10.13 11:53 pm

I bought tickets for my Uncles cousins mothers golden wedding anniversary and am jolly upset because it's my birthday as well and I want to cry because I'm so blooming upset. On top of that I bought my unborn child a ticket and he/she may never now get to see these Arctic gorilla boys and I really am very bloody upset.
All those complaining get real - @#$*! happens Alex has laryngitis which is not a whole lot of fun. It's got @#$*! all to do with having a hangover ! Do you all really think they don't have hangovers most days of a big tour!
See you on the 20th Boys - now there's a couple of hundred think they're Christopher Columbus .........

dcfc monkey

31.10.13 11:11 pm

Batter why are u even a member on here clearly your not a fan why bankraupt them why not suppourt them instead you @#$*!


31.10.13 10:33 pm

Kindof think a lost voice maybe irrelevant .... . No fans no need for voice ... Get my drift!


31.10.13 10:32 pm

Any other industry people vote with their fett ... Dont support any othe am gigs .. Banckrupt them asap !


31.10.13 10:31 pm

Any other industry people vote with their fett ... Dont support any othe am gigs .. Banckrupt them asap !


31.10.13 10:27 pm

No ftin inegtriy . No ftin protfestionalsm .. Ect ec etc


31.10.13 10:21 pm

You do know that the 20 th is a school night light weights tosers


31.10.13 10:13 pm

What has happened to my earlier comment .. Just thinlin @#$*!s is a bit sof!


31.10.13 10:03 pm



31.10.13 10:01 pm

Yes I wrote it twice!!!!!!shows how angry I am!! ugh:(


31.10.13 9:59 pm

Drove all the way from Cornwall! all day long it took in a car of excited teenagers who are the arctic monkeys BIGGEST fans! only to be disappointed by getting told the show was cancelled. you can imagine everyone's disappointment and anger, of course there may have been something very serious that happened, but due to hearing the hooligans spent the night out last night getting *&!£$%@#;][ drunk! unbelievable and unforgivable:@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@


31.10.13 9:59 pm

Drove all the way from Cornwall! all day long it took in a car of excited teenagers who are the arctic monkeys BIGGEST fans! only to be disappointed by getting told the show was cancelled. you can imagine everyone's disappointment and anger, of course there may have been something very serious that happened, but due to hearing the hooligans spent the night out last night getting *&!£$%@#;][ drunk! unbelievable and unforgivable:@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

dcfc monkey

31.10.13 9:55 pm

Alex has lyrngitis Glasgow also cancelled tommorow


31.10.13 9:44 pm

Absolutely gutted and discussed ... Day off work, train tickets, hotel rooms all booked and paid for only to be told the gigs cancelled an hour before it starts..... Why couldn't you have announced it earlier at least then we all could of cancelled the hotel rooms and not had to pay for them (at 4pm you even sent out a statement on twitter about the support group when you could of advised the gig wouldn't go ahead .... It appears you couldn't give a f@ck about the fans who got you to where you are today and decided to go n get wrecked last night instead) ....totally gutted and angry!..


31.10.13 9:35 pm

Birthday treat down the drain-_-


31.10.13 9:34 pm

dcfc Monkey totally agree people need to get on with it now. They would have been rip to shreds if they put on a crap gig, comments would have been something like spent all that money on petrol/train fares to watch that crap! And dompeckett im from Leeds give me Sheffield any day what a backward/childish comment to make!


31.10.13 9:33 pm

Clearly the rock star attitude has gone to their heads: make it big, get rich and famous, treat your fans with contempt. Cancelling 90 minutes before the gig is unforgiveable, bearing in mind that they're playing in only a few places and must have known that people would be travelling from all over. Cynical ba*&£!ds.

dcfc monkey

31.10.13 9:04 pm

Do you know for a fact they were drugged up ?
I love the rumour mill when it gets going hardly like there the first band to cancel a gig ever. All u people seem to know everything that's gone on makes me laugh. And I was there tonight just got into the building and then told it had been cancelled I would rather they cancel than put on a @#$*! gig.


31.10.13 8:57 pm

I'm gutted but at the end of the day they are human and as much as people are let down the band are just normal guys who do on occasions get ill. If your saying that they were out last night and today they are hungover, how any times have you not turned up for work and let someone down because you have been on the smash the night before??? Lets just wait for the new date to be announced.


31.10.13 8:52 pm

16th birthday present for my son. Can't believe they waited till the last minute to cancel. Will they be refunding petrol money!!!!


31.10.13 8:50 pm

Wonder if it has anything to do with the music awards last night. Too much coke. What a disappointment


31.10.13 8:48 pm

you @#$*!ing assholes


31.10.13 8:47 pm



31.10.13 8:42 pm

Came from Dublin with my 15 year old daughter only to find gig cancelled as we were just arriving at venue.Totally @#$*!ed off is an understatement !! Rock stars my arse !!


31.10.13 8:38 pm

Birthday treat for my son, his first live concert, day off work, worked late all this week to finish early to drive down, petrol money, hotel room, parking - don't know if I could afford to do it again. Really, really hope there's a genuine reason and not just a hangover.


31.10.13 8:34 pm

IHave to say that the short notice is a joke. If you are genuinely ill then explain what the illness is and who is ill. If you were @#$*!ed and drugged up in the Groucho last night then you or your manager are to blame for tonights debacle. I was taking my 14-year old son to his first proper gig but you screwed it up for him! Better make it up to your fans and don't disappear up your own arseholes!!!


31.10.13 8:20 pm

My partner who's from Barnsley has always said the guys from Sheffield are pussies


31.10.13 8:12 pm

Bastards! Two days off work to watch Arctic Monkeys at. LG arena with VIP tickets only to find out on arrival at 6:45 that they've cancelled. They didn't look too ill at 3am this morning leaving the Groucho Club. I missed out on Halloween night with my daughter to put up with this crap. Get a @#$*!ing grip!


31.10.13 8:06 pm

I heard they couldn't perform because they re all stuck in a naked man chain


31.10.13 8:00 pm

The Macc Lads, "I've spilt more ale down me waistcoat than you've supped the night!" And gone to work the next day!!


31.10.13 7:49 pm

Should have got the Antarctic Monkeys to cover for them!


31.10.13 7:46 pm

Kez_anderson tosser


31.10.13 7:44 pm

Sheffield...a land of cloth caps, hard men and steel!
There is/was another band from Sheffield, Def Leppard. They lost a guitarist at a young age to alcohol, they carried on. Their drummer lost his whole arm, but still drums for them. Great guys.
Wimps, who call their "tour", 'one for the road', should try sticking to only two shandies and be in beddybyes for 10pm.
WHAT TOTAL FUXXING WIMPS to disappoint so many.
Good luck when the record sales fall and you lose all the respect you might have had.


31.10.13 7:44 pm

In response to Kez Andersons post, if a band member is genuinely 'sick' then maybe an explanation should have been given to fans at the point of cancelling the gig, then there wouldn't be a backlash and we would send get well wishes and respect them more for it. The Killers had to cancel a gig last year because Brandon Flowers lost his voice, we all sympathised with him and understood why they couldn't go on, the same could not be said for tonight's debacle.


31.10.13 7:36 pm

all I can say is that I am truly guttered this was my 16th birthday present ruined. ive known this band since I started listening to music. im truly disappointed.


31.10.13 7:35 pm

You selfish selfish little boys. Call yourself a rock star? People have travelled 100s of miles, booked hotels, babysitters, spent their hard earned money on this. I am currently sat at the bar in the LG Arena surrounded by shocked and outraged fans. Furious is a slight understatement. Man up and look after your fans. We put you there, you appear to have forgotten that. You have single handedly spoilt my partners birthday. We travelled from Bath, have a hotel for the night and currently don't know what to do now. Little boys.


31.10.13 7:34 pm



31.10.13 7:34 pm

Absolutely fuming! Auntie&Uncle bought me this ticket for my birthday 2 days ago and I had to fly down from Scotland. To cancel an hour before the gig is shocking! Disappointed.


31.10.13 7:25 pm

just really sad - bought these tickets for my son's birthday... i guess you must be really really really sick -hope you feel better soon


31.10.13 7:24 pm

To cancel at that short notice is disgusting. We have travelled a long way, paid for a hotel and taken day off work. Had we known earlier would not have lost so much money. Not impressed at all


31.10.13 7:24 pm

I can understand everyone's disappointment, myself and my friend have also travelled 100 miles to get to Birmingham this evening and have paid £60 for a hotel and both booked days off work, we're gutted.

However has anyone stopped to think how serious the "illness" could be and how much it would have taken to actually cancel a gig!! I can tell you for a fact (info from venue staff) that the decision was made by a doctor that the person involved couldn't go tonight!!! Until the facts are know is all this bull@#$*! backlash warranted?? Really???


31.10.13 7:21 pm

This was going to be the first gig my daughter went to. I stayed up till 2 am and spent a whole evening searching for tickets. She was ecstatic when I got some. She and her dad have just travelled all the way to Birmingham to find it has been cancelled. This is really poor. Most normal humans when they've got a hangover man up and get on with it.


31.10.13 7:17 pm

Scumbags don't you know........... My lad is big fan and his girlfriend. November birthday on the same day 18&16 ... Bring the 13yr old too big big fans all ...... Oh and Dad to drive the gang.
To cancell a gig cos you got @#$*!ed up you bunch of amateurs is beyond reprehension...... Shame on you..... Rank amateurs....
I'm travelling from Brum ..... Which fans are coming from Wales/Scotland/Ireland what about Europe what about USA. ..... Cos that's what fans do ......
Listen to the wibbling rivalry Noel/Liam bootlegs. Liam thinks its rock n roll to get @#$*!ed up and get thrown of a ferry - threatened with jail. Noel says No!! Noel says rock n roll is doing the gig n looking after the fans who took you to that venue....... I'll never support this band again.


31.10.13 7:15 pm

I booked my husband two tickets as a wedding anniversary present. My husband took his brother. They both took the day off work in order to travel 200 miles, and paid for a hotel and the gig is cancelled! What a joke! I hope that the reason it's cancelled is NOT due to a hangover! If it is you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You have had all day to cancel instead it's half an hour before the gif is due to start. If u had cancelled earlier on this morning my husband and his brother would not have lost too much money. They don't make thousands of pounds like yourselves.
I imagine there is a lot of disgruntled fans out there to say the least. There is two very P****d of people that I know of. Sort yourselves out before you loose a lot of ther fans too!!!!!!!


31.10.13 7:12 pm

This just shows an abhorrent lack of respect for loyal fans who have paid what could be deemed to be an extortionate amount of money, purely to see a couple of hours worth of their favourite band playing songs for them. They need to remember that it is fans who got them to where they are - they may have let the attention from people high up in the industry get to their heads, but they will not have that attention for long if they lose the majority of their fans through behaviour such as this.

My heart truly goes out to those who were planning to see them tonight. I am so sorry for what has happened.


31.10.13 7:08 pm

So who do we speak to to claim our hotel cost back. If you had the decency to give enough warning wouldn't have checked in, in the first place. Seems you would rather get p@@@ed and do g@@r with your mates than keep to your commitment to the people who pay your wages. Fuming is an understatement.


31.10.13 7:07 pm

My husband rescheduled his workload and flew back from business in America to attend this concert with our son. It was our son's long awaited birthday present. They are currently sat in the carpark at the NEC and very disappointed. They will be even more disappointed when they know that the band were at the Groucho Club until 3.00 a.m. this morning. What a complete let down.


31.10.13 7:01 pm

So this is the 'trick' for Halloween this year, no treat for Arctic Monkey fans tonight.

I'm too upset to write anything coherent...


31.10.13 6:58 pm

Never been so upset and disappointed. Getting ready to see my fave band and you cancel because you got drunk. You need to seriously think about re-doing the gig or you will loose many fans, absolutely heartbroken.


31.10.13 6:57 pm

Da fuq you playing at?!?!!!? My uncle is in a band and was literally @#$*!ting himself but he still played. You cant even handle a couple of drinks you @#$*!s. You've let hundreds of your fans down because of your selfishness you lightweights. Disgraceful.


31.10.13 6:54 pm

After I shivered in the outside the doors of the NEC arena for 6 hours (lightly starved) as we were told that we weren't allowed to leave to get food otherwise we would loose our place in the queue.
Eventually, amongst a stampede of angry youths we managed to get through the glass doors and make our way inside the dungeon you call an arena, where we were forced to pay extortionate prices for what was essentially burger van grub due to earlier mentioned starvation.
Being the 105th in the queue, I felt like I'd won a gold medal at the Olympics. I was finally seeing the band of my dreams, the arctic monkeys. Only to find out in an impersonal, prerecorded, unsympathetic, drone of a voice that the gig had been cancelled and that I should leave.
No reason was given, no explanations what so ever. Just that I might not recieve a refund and to clear off ASAP. I want compensation for this inexcusable treatment!!!! I don't want an apology, I want tangible proof of how sorry you are for wasting my time, energy, money.


31.10.13 6:53 pm

Totally @#$*!ed off
Driven down from York , checked in to find they have cancelled
Would have known earlier they couldnt do it, will not come back for the rearranged date unless there is a bloody good explanation
Didnt seem much wrong with them at the Mercurys last night


31.10.13 6:52 pm

Totally disgusting! My girlfriend and her friend were setting off to the venue to hear this can manage to make some awards and have a few drinks on the house but clearly because you've had a few too many you've cancelled. I feel sorry for all the loyal fans who have spent money on getting there with accommodation plus the ticket costs. Who will reimburse them wwhlst you are still being paid to sit on your backsides.


31.10.13 6:44 pm

Potty face you don't have to be a carol vorderman to work it out. £120 hotel room. £10 parking. £60 fuel. £10 taxi from hotel.


31.10.13 6:37 pm

Unbelievable. Cancelling a gig can sometimes be unavoidable, but to cancel an hour and a half before you're due to go on stage is inexcusable. If told in time maybe we could get some money back on hotels and travel but the doors were even open before you cancelled!! Unknowing fans still arriving at the doors being turned away. It's unforgivable.


31.10.13 6:35 pm

Hammersfan11 - I think you have a fuel leak


31.10.13 6:33 pm

Took 2 days off work. Drove up from London at a cost of £200 not incl tickets. To be let down 2 hours before. This is a @@@@@@@ joke just coz u want to get on it at the two bob mercury awards. You should be @#$*!in ashamed absolute joke.


31.10.13 6:30 pm

They managed to party last night so why not tonight? Bit late in the day to cancel.


31.10.13 6:29 pm

What's the excuse then? Don't believe it! Why leave it this late to announce the cancellation. You don't deserve your loyal fans. A statement/ genuine explanation is in order. You lot have p******d a lot of people off. Sooo ANGRY.


31.10.13 6:28 pm

Unbelievable, dedicated fan since the beginning, booked 2 days off work travelled up from Sheffield only to be cancelled. Some of us don't have money to waste like you do! Opinion of the band has been seriously tarnished. What a load of rubbish.


31.10.13 6:26 pm

i traveled all the way from sheffield YOUR home town just to be let down, you dont understand how excited me and 4 friends where for this gig, you hsve let thousands of people down


31.10.13 6:25 pm

You light weights !!! Can't do 2 nights in a row ey!?


31.10.13 6:23 pm

WTF,that's unbelievable,hotel paid for and day booked off work.what tossers.Everyone ask for money back plus expenses.It's a kick in the bollocks for all true fans.illness my arse!!!!.must have been a bad pint in the Groucho club?????


31.10.13 6:20 pm

What a bunch of complete @#$*!s... My wife freind and two kids travelled 120 miles to get there now serously dissappointed .... If they have. Bailed out due to hangovers they should never get a paid gig again ... , go back on the dole!


31.10.13 6:17 pm

unbelievable short notice after the doors have opened !!!!must have known earlier in the day before everyone travelled to gig !! a brill birthday gift spoilt !!!


31.10.13 6:13 pm

This is very unfair - 14 of us were going to your concert tonight as a 21st birthday present to our friend. All trains and hotels paid for, everyone at the pub around the corner waiting to go in. You didn't know you were sick until 2 hours before the concert???? Hard to believe you can treat genuine fans like this.


31.10.13 6:08 pm

You weren't ill while you we're on the @#$*! last night were you! Why leave it leave it this late!!!!!

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