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Following the decision to postpone the show at the Birmingham LG Arena tonight and after seeking medical advice, Arctic Monkeys must also postpone the show at the Glasgow Hydro on Fri November 1st.

Alex Turner has been diagnosed with Laryngitis and is regrettably not able to perform. The show at the LG Arena in Birmingham will now take place on November 20th and the show at the Glasgow Hydro will now take place on November 21st. All tickets will remain valid for these shows.

We wish to apologise to all ticket holders for any inconvenience this has caused. Please contact the customer services at the box office you purchased your tickets for any further assistance.

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01.11.13 9:14 am

Naturally, anyone who is suffering from laryngitis is not going to perform well as a singer, and although I sympathise with that, merely re-scheduling the gig to days/nights that do not match the original night is hardly giving of your best to rectify a poor situation. Many people have spent a lot more than they can actually sensibly afford and offering nothing additional to those people is poor PR for the band. Put this into context, I drove a long way for nothing last night, it hasn't gone un-noticed that the band were tweeting that the gig was "on" just a couple of hours before the cancellation announcement - which was made after the main doors were opened, fans inside and merchandise sold. The only people smiling were the security guards, they were getting an early night and being paid the same.... there should be something free for every ticket holder effected and without doubt these uber rich band members can well afford a gesture. No gesture = no respect for fans.


01.11.13 9:06 am

£100 hotel, £50 hire car, £60 fuel, 400 mile round trip, two days of work and you expect me to do this all over again! Alex, your an adult now, you know if your ill! You waited until we had all travelled and checked into our hotels????? We were walking across to the arena when you called the gig off! What drugs are you taking for your laryngitis? The same ones you were on at the mercury’s? I want my money back and will not be wasting my time, ive been a fan of yours from the start but now i can see your true colours, Alex, you’ve turned into a character from your own songs including Teddy Picker! . How do i get a refund?????


01.11.13 8:57 am



01.11.13 8:22 am

Wee girl in tears at the moment at the call off in Glasgow as she idolises the Band - I'm not a fan just a dad who was giving my wee lass a treat for her Christmas who cannot now afford to go to the rearranged gig..
Can't be helped as you can't sing with a bad throat.
Hope everyone enjoys the rearranged gig .


01.11.13 8:10 am

Gutted really, drove a long way, spent a lot of money on tickets, petrol and a hotel room. Can't make the new date as I'm out of the country with work so it's all just a waste of time and money. Fair enough if he's genuinely ill but none of this washes with me, was seemingly fine the night before at the mercuries and why it was left till 18:10 to call it off? Find it very disrespectful to the fans


01.11.13 7:52 am

Get well soon Alex! Waiting for your next concert in Poland. :)


01.11.13 7:51 am

IPlease, calm down people. Never got sick and thought in the morning: "Well, I still feel good enough to do what's planned for today" and then really turned ill?
At this point: Get well, soon, Mr. Turner! Please smoke a little less - just to save your extraordinary voice ...
I'm looking forward to seeing you guys in Switzerland in 2014 ... The festival in Zurich has been great. Thank you.


01.11.13 7:09 am

Get well soon Alex! :) And I'm sorry to all of the band for the ignorant, narcissistic comments. Can't wait to travel back to Birmingham on the 20th November ;) It's going to be my first gig :D


01.11.13 6:18 am

Get well soon Alex! The guys obviously didnt want to cancel the show which is why its so last minute, never expected the re-scheduled date to be so soon! Its great although its a school night which could cause a problem but theres no way im missing it!


01.11.13 12:58 am

Honestly, a lot of people on here have had very uneventful lives. We've all been sick and it's not a rarity to become unwell quick. So what if they were seen out at 3am? They're only human like the rest of us, and need to let loose. They've always been reported as being very hard working, you think it's a piece of cake what they do? As far as I know, Alex isn't a robot or has superhuman powers to make himself immune from illness. He would've been criticised if he went on and couldn't perform well. He's being criticised now for cancelling...either way the guy couldn't win! Of course it must've been a pain finding out on such short notice the gig was cancelled. AM probably didn't want to disappoint and thought they could carry on, but people can suddenly become unwell - it's not unheard of! Some comments on here are just idiotic and impulsive. I'm certainly not made of money and have lost out on my booked hotel and train tickets for the Glasgow gig. Life never runs smoothly though, so I'll get over it. Some of you have obviously had an easy ride through life, or been wrapped in cotton wool to moan so much over something that can't be controlled. The bad mouthing ignoramuses on here can't be hardcore fans, and have very low emotional and general intelligence. Just say it like I see it. Get over it, many bands have cancelled and just refunded tickets, at least AM have rescheduled ASAP. Believe me, worse things can happen in life folks. Wake up for @#$*! ;) Looking forward to the Glasgow gig on 21st November. Get well soon Alex.

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