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"We're Gonna Sco-o-ore Tonight"

It's an indisputable fact that bowling never looked cooler than it did in Grease 2. Kingpin tried it, so did The Big Lebowski. None of them ever came close to matching the style of Michelle Pfeiffer in her Ray Bans, maybe it was the ridiculousness of the wind-milling arms before the release of the ball, or the not so subtle double entendre of "scoring" that appealed to my adolescent sense of humour. It's something that has stayed with me to this day and I can still remember most of the words to the song. When I was informed by Matt that "tonight we bowl”, understandably, I was most excited.

I had no idea how competitive they all were, everyone was desperate to win and mind games came into play. Strike was matched with strike and at one point both lanes we had booked had three-way ties. In the end it was very close, however there could only be one winner. I don't like to brag, but needless to say it will probably be the first and last time I'm invited to play. Below is a sweet Bowleroid photo (pun courtesy of James O'Hara) that I took of the bowling team.

We finished off the night round at Al's with a bottle of whisky and a couple of wasted hours playing the pun game. For those not aware of this late night distraction, it is a word association game and the rules are simple.

Rule one - Take one subject - i.e. The Sea.
Rule two - Combine rule one with a quote/band/artist etc. to form a pun.

Hake That?
Sand-y Shore?
Half Manatee Half Biscuit?

Matt killed the game with a pun, which nobody could top.

Buoyancy Knowles.

With the first week of rehearsals over and some brand spanking new songs worked out, I rendezvoused with the band at their rehearsal space. I was treated to a run through of the fruits of their recent labour, a real mixed bag of up tempo bangers and slower melodic tunes. Already the album is shaping up to be another stunning piece of work.

Unfortunately my last video blog, The View From The Orange Stage..., was deemed in violation of the Youtube terms of use due to the split second of nudity. We have replaced version 1 with version 2, which substitutes the offending clip with a censored version. It's a shame because we lost the stats for over 20,000 views and a couple of hundred comments and ratings. Feel free to watch again and repost your comments, it will make me feel better if nothing else.

Good News. Next Monday is a date for your diary, we will be bringing you a video View from... , narrated by Matt from the rehearsal rooms. There will be the usual hi jinx from the band and a healthy dose of Mattire (Matt's Satire). Perhaps I should have put a consumer health warning in the pun game rules, that playing may impede your ability to converse without punning?

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