Arctic Monkeys Announce intimate New York Show

Arctic monkeys are pleased to announce a special registered members show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in New York on Wednesday 19th October 2011.
U.S. fans on the band's mailing list should keep an eye on their inbox for ticketing information.
This show is limited to 500 fans.

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03.10.11 6:15 pm

thats really unfortunate that I got the e-mail 18 minutes before the sale started... how about a little more notice?


03.10.11 5:42 pm

I never even got the email and I got emails from them before. Seriously. I love this band and I live in NYC. This is so not cool.


03.10.11 5:33 pm

I was in classes all morning when the email went out and this is on my birthday... 500 fans for New York... rude.


03.10.11 4:58 pm

lol, @#$*! new york, COME TO POLAND!


03.10.11 4:34 pm

Ugh it's sold out already???? Is that it or is there gonna be a general sale? I'm @#$*!ing gutted I missed this.


03.10.11 4:20 pm

I guess not everyone gets the email?! I just saw the posting on facebook to 'look for an email'. I just should have checked ticketmaster.. I even went to Music Hall of Williamsburg page, and the gig wasn't listed! why, oh, why can I never manage to get the insider information? I've been registered on this site for like 3-4 years!


03.10.11 4:02 pm

g0damm!t!!! i missed this because I was 'waiting for an email in my inbox'. why didn't the message say 'check ticketmaster'?!??!?!!
why does this always happen?!


03.10.11 3:42 pm

Um, got the email at about 2:45pm and the tix went on sale at ticketmaster at 3pm (10am Eastern Time in the USA).....


03.10.11 3:26 pm

All these 'got mine!' posts on here and facebook.. they haven't sent the email yet, so explain how you have tickets?!


03.10.11 3:15 pm

Got mine!!!! This is like going to a private show the place is so small!!!

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