Important Ticket Information for Don Valley

Arctic Monkeys @ Don Valley Bowl, Sheffield - Friday 10th/Saturday 11th June 2011.

From event organisers SJM.

Thank you to those who have purchased tickets to see the Arctic Monkeys at Sheffield Don Valley Bowl.

Just to clarify a few points regarding entry for these shows.

The card holder DOES NOT have to be present on entry if they are not attending the show. All that needs to be present on enry is the card that the tickets were booked on.

All tickets purchased have to arrive together with the lead booker.

If the card used has since expired, lost or not available, please email by TUESDAY 7TH JUNE with the details and the necessary arrangements will be made for you. Please supply the following information:

-Which Ticket Agent/Website you purchased your ticket(s) from
-Card Number
-Booking Reference or Ticket Numbers

Many thanks
SJM Concerts


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01.06.11 7:34 pm

please come back to ARGENTINA this year, we love arctic monkeys. everybody is waiting for you guys,you`re didnĀ“t come to present humbug,so please come back very soon. I love you Alex!!!!!. I went to see you in 2007 at the concert in the Luna Park,it was an awesome performance!.


31.05.11 10:13 pm

I have one question, I am journalist, working on art issues, I'm from Georgia, Tbilisi. I found out that there is Arctic Monkeys's concert in Cologne in June 22 and I will be there by that time. How can I get the press accreditation there? whom I shall write for this?
Thank you in advance:)
Nino Chimakadze
In any case I'll write my email here:


30.05.11 12:59 pm

could you have bought tickets if you didnt have a credit card?


30.05.11 8:32 am



30.05.11 2:57 am



30.05.11 12:55 am

it's brilliant, about time artists were proactive in stopping touts. Glasto lead the way and slowly but surely others are following suit

28.05.11 2:14 am

you left out the "t" in entry- :D


28.05.11 12:36 am

this is horribly rigid and inflexible.

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