War Child On:Off

Arctic Monkeys are included in War Child's On:OFF photo project - a collection of music portraits capturing artists before they go on stage and immediately after they leave the stage.

More information about the campaign can be found here.

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09.07.16 3:43 pm

Can you guys please come to Dallas one day !!! It'll be so close to where I live. I really wanna meet and see you guys ? I love Arctic Monkeys ??'-??'-


03.04.15 7:07 pm

Come back to Sheffield soon! Rotherham would be even better, but I'd happily go into Sheffield to see you! Come home! We miss you!


08.12.14 8:01 pm

i was in reading this summer and it was my best day of my life. i`ll never forget it.
please come to israel/ Israel wanna be yours.


08.12.14 7:09 pm



06.12.14 6:34 pm

I love you soo much guys, when will you be in Armenia?


06.12.14 12:58 pm

and i really wrote quickly previously, but it was straight from the heart!!


06.12.14 12:54 pm

like seriously fix this bloody white text!!!!!! i cant see anything im typing... but when i say you guys are the new rock age , i mean it!


06.12.14 12:51 pm

I would like to begin with first of all, the text i am typing is white and therefore i have no idea how many errors i have just made previously. Secondly arctic monkeys were in roskilde, 40 mins away from where i live , that was the saddest thing ever. well not really. but it was sad that i could have see you guys! i am one of the best fans you guys will ever ever ever get!! and im proud of that :D - third, if you guys ever come back to Denmark, it would be so sweetto see you! but for my uni project i would really like to interview you guys, you guys are the new age of rock!!! probably the best rock band for this gen honestly, bless you guys. ROCK N ROLL WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... but no honestly please have the time to catch a flight to Dk, it would be so nice....


04.12.14 11:47 pm

a month ago lived the best day of my life. Arctic Monkeys in Colombia. I love you. you are awesome. I hope to see you soon again. Colombia loves Arctic Monkeys


04.12.14 5:46 pm

Come back to Bruxelles or to Lille! I love you! Please ???????? you are the best of the best ????????
Ps: Alex marry me!

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