Herd of Sheffield - Update

A successful auction raising over £400,000 for the Sheffield Childrens Hospital Charity resulted in the AM elephant being bought by Counter Context. The local firm have committed to returning AM to the city centre.

The AM elephant should be on display in the Winter Gardens within the next month.


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21.12.16 9:18 pm

we all miss u x come to aus!! u guys would deffo sell out


14.12.16 1:37 pm

My ten year old grandson started listening to Arctic Monkeys music two years ago…right he was eight. He can sing along with seven songs. We have loaded CDs in my truck, so whenever we are going to baseball, basketball or school he can listen to his favorite band. Some of the songs are not appropriate for his age, but he gets it and listens to the others. The lyrics of all the songs seem to have real thought behind them and we talk about them at length. Good music! Oh, I have become a fan at 71.


13.12.16 4:02 pm

I was 13 when I heard "Crying Lightning". I'm 22 now, still listening to your breathtaking music. Every year I wonder and pray for you to come to my country (Morocco) to our only huge festival (Mawazine). Been to do many concerts, but I'm sure that none of those would compare to going to an Arctic Monkey's concert. I'd literally die of joy. This comment is probably one of many you have maybe read (or not). Still, it gives me this tiny hope that one day I'll watch you live and sing to every single song you'll play. Lottsa love and passion from a crazy fan haha. Ines.


13.12.16 10:47 am

Please come to México, it is beautiful, and you guys have a lot of fans here


11.12.16 9:38 am

Come to Russia. i really wait you


08.12.16 6:58 am

Please do Leeds fest this year!!! the lineup already looks amazing on first announcement and id love to see my favorite band perform in gods own county!


08.12.16 6:57 am



07.12.16 9:15 am

II really love this band, come to Argentina please


04.12.16 10:07 pm

Are you guys coming up with a new album soon? Its been a while and we all live your music! Also you guys shoud come to Canada!


04.12.16 8:10 pm

Are you working in a new album? A few years have passed, we want you to surprise us. c:

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