Best Kept Secret 2013

Arctic Monkeys are pleased to announce they will be headlining Best Kept Secret Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands on Friday 21st June 2013. Tickets will go on sale on Monday 14th January 2013 from here.

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11.01.13 5:59 am



08.01.13 12:59 am

I see you are confirming european festivals left, right and centre... surely theres an Ireland date on the cards? huge amount of fans here waiting to be bamboozled by your brilliance!


07.01.13 7:59 pm

Please, come to Belgium as well!! Rock Werchter is a great festival, it's already 2 years ago you've been performing there and we miss you!


07.01.13 5:40 pm

I'm waiting for you to confirm Benicassim Festival!


07.01.13 5:36 pm

Dear artic, i begg u to come n rockin in Malaysia.i can't wait.please Artic Monkeys


07.01.13 3:07 pm

P.S.: I'm really sorry for my poor ...


07.01.13 3:07 pm

Dear Alex,
I don't really know if one day you'll read this but my pleasure is to write it.
First I wish you a Happy Birthday, you deserve it. I hope one day I'll meet you, perhaps during you next stage in Portuguese festival or in Poland.
Actually I'm a French fan of 18 years old.
What is this letter for?
Well, I would like to tell you some few words about you and what you do.
Waw, what can I say first. I want you to know that I love the way that you find the right words and how you put it on the right notes, I love the way you teach me everyday how to play guitar, how to compose music and to listen too. Actually I grew up with you, with your music since I was 13. I remember the first time I heard the Arctic Monkeys, it was so baffling, I remember that after my first listening of "Fake Tales Of San Francisco" I said: "Those guys are @#$*!ing geniuses, from now on Arctic Monkeys is my favorite band!". And since this first listening, my love for you have never been struggling. You cannot imagine how much hours I spend arguing with my girlfriend in order to prove her that Arctic Monkeys are the best band all over the years. I also remember my reaction when I listened to Humbug for the first time, I said: "That can't be possible, a human being can't make masterpiece like this, this is made by gods or something like that".
Actually if I should summarize Arctic Monkeys in One word I would say "Genuine", because you're so genuine when you're on stage, you're so genuine when you're in my ears, in my heart and in my mind. This is crazy but I think about you and your band everyday, I ask myself "what are they doing?", "Are they composing?" etc...
So if I must tell you one thing, that would be "Thank you" , thank you for this music, thank you for those words you write so well, thank you for all that you do, because I think that you're a brilliant genius, the greatest genius of humanity.
P.S.: I'm really sorry for my ...


07.01.13 2:22 pm

I'M THERE! No question.

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