Like a well known seasonal generic chocolate egg slogan, how do you eat yours? It's a very tenuous link, but I was just curious to see if you carefully unwraps these blogs, taking the time to read the words before savouring the video. Or do you dive straight in and greedily gorge on the video, paying attention to the wrapper later? On this occasion I would recommend watching the video now. The rest of the View will make more sense if you do.

What did you all make of Lady Ga Ga's Poker Face cover or the short clip from one of the new songs? It's quite an epic one and will sound absolutely amazing live. For knowledge boffins amongst you, the ivories in the clip were being tinkled by Mr. John Ashton of The Last Shadow Puppets fame, and long standing front of house guru for the Monkeys over the past four years.

The rehearsal space has a good vibe, plus there is a great little coffee shop up the road which does a mean Tuscan bean soup. This particular rehearsal studio seems to be a popular place to be if you're in a band. It's a friendly musical community, where bands busily beaver away and pop in to each others studios for a chat.

With songs finely honed and flight cases packed, team Monkey moves camp to New York to record the last bunch of tracks for the 3rd album. Excited? I am. I'll be chatting to the band via I-Chat when they are out in New York over the next few weeks to find out how things are going, and report back to you all. Hopefully as the album goes into the mixing and mastering stages we'll get some juicy titbits for you.

Anyways, I have to go now. I have to climb over the fence and recover those crocs that Matt binned. Turns out he had Cookie's pair on and he went spare when he found out.

Bye for now.



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