We regret to advise that Arctic Monkeys must postpone their show at Sheffield Arena on Saturday 2nd November 2013.

Regrettably Alex Turner is suffering with laryngitis and is not well enough to perform. The show at Sheffield Arena will now take place on Monday 18th November 2013.

We wish to apologise to all ticket holders for any inconvenience this has caused. Please contact the customer services at the box office you purchased your tickets for any further assistance.

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18.11.13 1:50 pm

Interested in buying two standing tickets if anyone is selling for Sheffield? Email happy to collect in sheffield


14.11.13 9:20 am

I have 1 standing ticket available for the Sheffield gig. Contact me if interested


10.11.13 5:57 pm

I have 2 seated tickets available for Sheffield on Monday 18 November. Please email if interested.


09.11.13 3:24 pm

Hi, looking for 3 tickets, standing or seats near to stage. Cash on collection. Email me -

07.11.13 9:31 pm

Hi I have 2 seated tickets (block 203, Row P, Seat 3 and 4) for the rescheduled Sheffield gig on Monday 18th November. Please contact me on if you are interested. Price for both £80.


07.11.13 5:34 pm

2 seated tickets available for LG Arena Birmingham on the 20/11/13, Seated and together.
Selling as we cannot make the rescheduled date.
Please call; 07447955982 for more info


07.11.13 4:42 pm

I have 2 seated tickets for Sheffield that I am looking to swap for Birmingham. If anyone would like to swap please let me know on


06.11.13 3:21 pm

Now have 1-3 standing tickets available.. Contact


06.11.13 2:29 pm

I have two standing tickets for Birmingham available - can no longer go on this date. Would like to swap for two standing Sheffield tickets if possible? Email - x


06.11.13 2:08 pm

1 standing ticket for sale for this, contact


05.11.13 5:59 pm

Looking to buy 2 tickets, email me


05.11.13 12:59 am

looking to buy 2-4 Standing tickets for the rescheduled Sheffield gig, email


04.11.13 11:06 pm

Two standing tickets for Sheffield available. Email for info!


04.11.13 8:03 pm

If anyone has 1-4 standing tickets to sell, please let me know at! Got scammed £480 for other Arctic Monkeys tickets. Really desperate!


04.11.13 1:01 pm

Two standing tickets available for Sheffield email for info


03.11.13 2:12 pm

looking for 2 standing sheffield tickets or will buy two separate single standing ticket s. please email


03.11.13 12:23 pm

I really want 2 tickets for Sheffield gig please contact many thanks


03.11.13 11:48 am

Any news on athe Offenbach concert tomorrow.we are still waiting to hear before making the journey from Kent to Germany tomorrow,


02.11.13 10:51 pm


I have two seated tickets for sale, gutted but we cant make the re-scheduled date because on holiday...

If anyones interested email me at



02.11.13 2:38 pm

any Sheffield tickets available email me


02.11.13 1:29 pm

A word of warning to anyone buying tickets on here, venue and ticket agencies say they have refunded tickets already for the 3 cancelled events. If you buy tickets from someone on the web, you will not know until you get to the event if the seller has already been refunded and therefore your tickets may be invalid.
Please be careful, hate seeing people ripped off!


02.11.13 12:00 pm

If anyone is unable to make the rescheduled sheffield gig then I would be willing to purchase any tickets from you as we weren't lucky enough to get them when they were for sale! email if interested, thank you!


02.11.13 11:56 am



02.11.13 11:26 am



02.11.13 11:25 am

Looking to swap 3 Sheffield seated tickets for standing.


02.11.13 11:19 am

I'm looking for 4 tickets for the Sheffield gig if anyone is able to sell - either 4 together or 2 and 2. Please email Thank you! Louise


02.11.13 11:14 am

I have


02.11.13 10:53 am

Hi all, if anyone has standing or seating tickets they wish to sell for Sheffield please email me at


02.11.13 9:59 am

Ikwjar I have emailed you :)


02.11.13 9:53 am

Have 4 sheffield tickets want to swap for 4 birmingham can split into 2 x2 .email on helenmjarrett@


02.11.13 9:48 am

Hey. I have 2 seated Birmingham tickets wanting to swap for 2 seated Sheffield tickets. If anyone is interested email or if you have any Sheffield tickets forsale please let me know I want 2 tickets so bad! :((( thanks.


02.11.13 8:28 am

Have 2 Birmingham seated tickets wiling to sell or swap for 2 sheffield seated tickets email me if you're interested


02.11.13 7:48 am

I have 4 seated for Sheffield, willing to swap for 4 seated for Birmingham.


02.11.13 7:15 am

Looking to buy standing sheffield tickets, please email me at or twitter:@thisisthesam


02.11.13 12:16 am

Or e-mail me


01.11.13 11:54 pm

Looking for a standing ticket for Sheffield for anyone not able to make the gig? Twitter @bextrim thanks xx


01.11.13 11:35 pm

I've got two seated tickets for Sheffield, can't make the rescheduled date. If you're interested email me


01.11.13 10:55 pm

Looking for 2-3 tickets for the sheffield gig, please email me at if you have any for sale.


01.11.13 10:31 pm

Have mangaed to swap 2 of my sheffield tickets, thanks laramaria :) Still have one standing ticket left to swap. Let me kow if anyone has a Birmingham they wanna swap for sheffield. email me on


01.11.13 10:03 pm

looking for 3 tickets to Sheffield, doesn't matter if they are seated or standing, together or separate, if you are selling please mail me at


01.11.13 9:57 pm

Hope they won't postpone Berlin concert! We're coming from Serbia for it.


01.11.13 9:46 pm

I have Sheffield standing tickets, want to swap for Birmingham standing me at if you want to swap


01.11.13 9:36 pm

I have 2 standing tickets for Sheffield and cannot make it now.Reasonable offers to


01.11.13 9:35 pm

1x standing Sheffield ticket for sale- twitter @adelehurst91 - Facebook Adele Leanne Hirst x


01.11.13 9:33 pm

I have two seated tickets for Sheffield and cannot make the new date. If anyone interested please contact me at Thanks


01.11.13 9:33 pm

Please please don't postpone the Berlin concert! We came all the way from tel aviv!! Alex get well!


01.11.13 9:32 pm

Few people interested. First come, first served. Face value plus charges.


01.11.13 9:27 pm

pinkfairy just emailed you


01.11.13 9:26 pm

I have 2 arctic monkeys standing tickets for Birmingham, does anyone want to swap for 2 Sheffield standing tickets?


01.11.13 9:18 pm

Lewis1979 I have just emailed you :)


01.11.13 9:18 pm

If anyone is selling standing tickets, I would happily take them off anyone. Email me at


01.11.13 9:16 pm

If anybody has 2 tickets to spare please contact me thank you :D xx


01.11.13 9:11 pm



01.11.13 9:11 pm

Can't make Monday. Got 2 standing tickets for sale if anyone is interested?


01.11.13 9:09 pm

I have 2 seated tickets for the rescheduled Birmingham gig but would like to swap them for 2 Sheffield tickets if anyone is interested? Email me at Thanks


01.11.13 8:55 pm

just emailed you, are they standing tickets


01.11.13 8:52 pm

Langers86... I have two Birmingham ticket and live in sheff so if you want to swap mail me at


01.11.13 8:48 pm

WANTING 2 tickets for Sheffield (standing prefered) if anyone has any for sale please let me know on at I have 2 tickets for Birmingham if anyone would like to do a swap :)


01.11.13 8:48 pm

Looking for 2 tickets for Sheffield if anyone can't make the Monday.emaik me on!!!


01.11.13 8:24 pm

Why change a Saturday gig to a Monday makes no sense quite obvious that people want to have a few drinks at the gig, but the main majority will have work commitments the day after, absoloute joke


01.11.13 8:09 pm

I can't make the Monday night gig unfortunately but have 3 standing tickets for sale please email me on for more info and we can sort something out, have a throat sweet or something !


01.11.13 8:01 pm

Hi Nadality1

I have 3 sheffield standing tickets and live down south so looking for 4 birmingham tickets. message me and maybe we could trade them



01.11.13 7:40 pm

I live in Sheffield and if anyone can't make it to the Sheffield gig, please sell them to me! I currently have 4 side stage seated tickets to the Birmingham gig.


01.11.13 7:30 pm will pay a fair price for Sheffield tickets


01.11.13 7:28 pm

Anyone selling tickets contact me I can bring cash on collection


01.11.13 7:25 pm


01.11.13 7:24 pm

I'm desperate for tickets if anyone can't make the new date, would gladly buy them


01.11.13 7:23 pm

If anyone can no longer make the new date, let me know, I didn't manage to get tickets :(

Steveedson at


01.11.13 7:23 pm

anyone who wants to sell their tickets please could you contact me at


01.11.13 7:22 pm

Gutted for everyone who has lost money etc, good news they have re scheduled it so soon. Prob not the right time to say it but if anyone is struggling to go now please let me know and we can get rid of the tickets


01.11.13 7:20 pm

I will buy tickets if anyone has spare or can't make the Monday night x


01.11.13 7:16 pm

Why move a Saturday show to a Monday? Its bad enough we are £75 down for the hotel as it cant be refunded but now we cant go to the revised date! It def should be moved


01.11.13 6:55 pm

Poor Alex! Hope he gets better soon!


01.11.13 6:49 pm

How can I get a refund? There's no chance I can make the Monday due to work commitments!


01.11.13 6:39 pm

Poor you Alex! We wish you the best and hope you get well soon. Love from Denmark!


01.11.13 6:18 pm

I Hope you get well soon Alex! :)


01.11.13 6:16 pm

Lost over £300 on this because had to book tickets from getmein


01.11.13 6:15 pm

Any news on how I can get a refund on my presale tickets? No way I can make a Monday night.


01.11.13 6:13 pm

Gutted! It was my daughters 17th birthday present and we cannot make the 18th!!!


01.11.13 6:08 pm

People complaining about them moving the gig to the Monday is pretty petty. I'm hoping the Berlin gig is still on seeing as i'd be travelling nearly 900 miles for it, with no chance of attending a rearranged date IF its cancelled......


01.11.13 6:06 pm

Fri 29thNov would have been a much better date.....AM have no gig that day plus the Arena has nothing on that day either


01.11.13 5:51 pm

Ridiculous moving a Saturday night show to a Monday there's a reason people chose a Saturday!! Should definitely be moved.


01.11.13 5:48 pm

Monday night what a joke fair enough reschedule but that takes @#$*!


01.11.13 5:47 pm

Get well soon Alex! A bit disappointed it's on a Monday! But you will make it worth it, good luck!


01.11.13 5:41 pm

Moving a Saturday night gig to a Monday night is a @#$*! take tbh. People have jobs etc. should have been another Saturday night, even if that meant waiting longer.


01.11.13 5:37 pm

:( Get well soon Alex! :)

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