Arctic Monkeys Announce Pomona Show

Arctic Monkeys are pleased to announce they will be performing at the Glass House in Pomona, CA on Wednesday 11th April 2012. Tickets go on sale on Friday 16th March from here. Support comes from The Soft Pack.

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18.03.12 5:59 am

im @#$*!ing going to this in line around 830 in the morning for those tickets


17.03.12 5:08 pm

PLEASE add another Glass House show. I was SO looking forward to seeing my favorite band in my favorite concert venue. The scalper jerks are trying to get $500 a ticket on stubhub.


17.03.12 5:34 am

fans deserve an apology, seriously, the band needs to know that not only is this not cool, it's false advertising, probably illegal- @#$*!IN @#$*!ED UP @#$*!


16.03.12 10:53 pm

The place is so small! you guys need a bigger venue! They shouldn't be playing in small venues at all is ridiculous!!!! they are so big here especially in Cali i mean have you seen yourself seriously -______-


16.03.12 9:33 pm

Please add another show in the Los Angeles area around Coachella time! The presale for Pomona stole all my tickets. Please add another show!


16.03.12 9:08 pm

when the @#$*! was even te presale!!!!!! NOT @#$*!ING FAIR


16.03.12 7:53 pm

so hes the one that got the stub hub tickets...... hmmmmmm :S


16.03.12 7:41 pm

You guys need to put more tickets up for this show!!!! i waited all week long for the tickets to go on sale and they're sold out because of pre-sale?? Not cool!! Please put more tickets up!!! So sad its sold out :'(


16.03.12 7:33 pm

Mannnn i was @#$*!ed too cuz i was waiting for march 16th noon since they announced it....butttttttttttt the pomona glass house is so small that its gonna be amazing seeing them there so i had to get me some stub hub tickets,,,2 for 189 i say worth them


16.03.12 7:31 pm

I just spoke to a rep from ticketfly and it turns out that the tickets sold out during pre-sale yesterday. I've been patiently waiting since the day they announced this show and called in sick just to be DISAPPOINTED!!!!! WTF?!

This isn't fair to the real fans of any artist.

This goes out to you stupid *ss ticket sellers....
STOP with the pre-sale!!!! It's not fair...>:O

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