Alex Turner Submarine EP Released Today

The 6 track EP of songs by Alex Turner from the film Submarine is released today(Monday 14th March 2011) on Domino Records. The EP will be available on CD, 10" and via digital download.

To purchase the EP, go to

The film from Richard Ayoade is released nationwide in cinemas from Friday 18th March 2011. You can view the trailer for Submarine below:

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16.03.11 4:34 am

I do love him!!!!!!! his voice as well!

the sheep man

16.03.11 12:53 am

I heard the piledriver waltz.... it woke me up this morning....


15.03.11 9:43 pm

Im sorry but no. This isn't arctic monkeys anymore. I want to go back to the days of What ever people say i am, thats what im not and Favourite worst nightmare, the best albums ever made. All the best.


15.03.11 8:43 pm

me encanta q buen tema!!!


15.03.11 6:07 pm

wow I just fell in love ♥ it's so beautiful! can't wait to hear the rest of the EP and your coming album


15.03.11 1:07 pm

Wonderful song! It would be great if the film could be released in France! But I know it can be diffucult, since the film is apparently not a blockbuster! But it would be nice though, I'm looking forward to see it anyway!


15.03.11 11:19 am

Lovely! Hope i can find it in Greece otherwise i'll try online. Alex your voice is just mesmerizing!


15.03.11 1:57 am

so now we have heard 2 of the 12 tracks on the album, this is piledriver waltz isnt it?


15.03.11 12:13 am

this is just beautiful

14.03.11 11:49 pm

c ya in boston at the house of blues

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