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Following the decision to postpone the show at the Birmingham LG Arena tonight and after seeking medical advice, Arctic Monkeys must also postpone the show at the Glasgow Hydro on Fri November 1st.

Alex Turner has been diagnosed with Laryngitis and is regrettably not able to perform. The show at the LG Arena in Birmingham will now take place on November 20th and the show at the Glasgow Hydro will now take place on November 21st. All tickets will remain valid for these shows.

We wish to apologise to all ticket holders for any inconvenience this has caused. Please contact the customer services at the box office you purchased your tickets for any further assistance.

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01.11.13 11:12 am

Alex, thank you for the invitation, I'm not up for damaging the band, I do think the fans deserve a bit more than being taken for granted. I'm not sure how much influence the actual band members have over such issues, but I'm pretty certain if we were all given an exclusive T-shirt or something similar, that would go a long way to saying "thanks for being loyal fans."
Cost to the band could easily be written off against the gains of good PR. I suspect their hands are tied and no such offer will be forthcoming. That's one reason I am saying people should claim their loss, the management company will be adequately insured, it's not a personal attack on the band - it's basically an insurance claim.
People should not be made to feel guilty for making a claim or feel they are being disloyal to their favourite band by claiming their losses.
By the way, the only faking it group of people outnumbering the p**s heads in pubs who say they were in the SAS, is the number of internet trolls claiming to be journalists. Have a nice day.


01.11.13 10:56 am

Be a little considerate to the people who didnt get to see theiir fave band


01.11.13 10:53 am

Well said Sadiesmith, I'd love to get hold of tickets for Sheffield or even Birmingham and happy that if cancelled it's getting rearranged..I love arctic monkeys, they from the village I'm from in sheffield.. They are amazing.. Still searching for tickets :-) xx


01.11.13 10:49 am

I am sorry but Alex Turner and the lads were out till early hours in the morning the night before the Birmingham gig. They should start to take some responsibilities and grow up a little. I wasted 2 hours of my time driving there and wasted £80 on a hotel room just to be told an hour before the show starts that they will not be performing, Absolute joke lost a lot of respect for these guys.


01.11.13 10:48 am

II understand he has a throat infection and had to cancel, but cancelling just moments before the doors opened and 1 1/2 before show time is poor behavior. - I'm very infuriated that people were still allowed to go into the LG just to be told to leave. I understand that Alex is ill and unable to perform but Laryngitis is an illness that doesn't just come about in 10 minutes you can tell you have it upon waking up in the morning- surely he also got diagnosed with it so they didn't have to leave cancelling till last minute. Also people telling us to 'get over it' and 'get a day off work' (for the rescheduled gig) REALLY? unfortunately for some we HAVE to work to earn money - which has now gone too waste - and we cant just get a day off work. get well soon Alex/


01.11.13 10:37 am

Hi 8955872ppu, could you please email me ( regarding the hotel issue. I am a journalist in Birmingham and I am covering this story.o


01.11.13 10:07 am

sadie, you are very kind with your words and very understanding, if you paid for four top quality rooms in a five start hotel - but when you arrived the hotel had been boarded up, closed down and you were told to come back in a month... would you be so understanding? The band took the money and people who cannot afford it are out of pocket. In any other professional environment compensation or a gesture of goodwill would be offered. By the way, regardless of the terms & conditions on the sale of tickets, English consumer law overrides all T&C's - people can claim for their losses and should! Not sure what the situation is in Scottish law.


01.11.13 9:40 am

It's ridiculous that everyone's moaning they obviously wanted to perform but Alex being I'll can't be helped, I'm seeing them on Saturday in sheffield and we are still to see if they are performing then! Be grateful that they have re-arranged the whole thing there's people out there that would love tickets


01.11.13 9:24 am

Why don't you all stop moaning! They have arranged new dates so you will be able to see them, Alex can't help being sick he was most probably trying his best to be able to perform but wasn't allowed! I very highly doubt Arctic Monkeys would ever cancel their gig unless it was serious! Anyway, get well soon Alex xxx


01.11.13 9:14 am

I was proper getting worried you'd cancel Glasgow but I'm glad we have another date to look forward to! Can't wait to see you lot perform been looking forward to it for so long, get well soon dude!

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