Birmingham LG Arena - Thursday 31st October

We regret to advise that due to illness Arctic Monkeys will be unable to perform at the Birmingham LG Arena tonight (Thursday 31st October 2013).

Please retain your tickets and await further information.

We very much regret any inconvenience caused.

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31.10.13 7:34 pm



31.10.13 7:34 pm

Absolutely fuming! Auntie&Uncle bought me this ticket for my birthday 2 days ago and I had to fly down from Scotland. To cancel an hour before the gig is shocking! Disappointed.


31.10.13 7:25 pm

just really sad - bought these tickets for my son's birthday... i guess you must be really really really sick -hope you feel better soon


31.10.13 7:24 pm

To cancel at that short notice is disgusting. We have travelled a long way, paid for a hotel and taken day off work. Had we known earlier would not have lost so much money. Not impressed at all


31.10.13 7:24 pm

I can understand everyone's disappointment, myself and my friend have also travelled 100 miles to get to Birmingham this evening and have paid £60 for a hotel and both booked days off work, we're gutted.

However has anyone stopped to think how serious the "illness" could be and how much it would have taken to actually cancel a gig!! I can tell you for a fact (info from venue staff) that the decision was made by a doctor that the person involved couldn't go tonight!!! Until the facts are know is all this bull@#$*! backlash warranted?? Really???


31.10.13 7:21 pm

This was going to be the first gig my daughter went to. I stayed up till 2 am and spent a whole evening searching for tickets. She was ecstatic when I got some. She and her dad have just travelled all the way to Birmingham to find it has been cancelled. This is really poor. Most normal humans when they've got a hangover man up and get on with it.


31.10.13 7:17 pm

Scumbags don't you know........... My lad is big fan and his girlfriend. November birthday on the same day 18&16 ... Bring the 13yr old too big big fans all ...... Oh and Dad to drive the gang.
To cancell a gig cos you got @#$*!ed up you bunch of amateurs is beyond reprehension...... Shame on you..... Rank amateurs....
I'm travelling from Brum ..... Which fans are coming from Wales/Scotland/Ireland what about Europe what about USA. ..... Cos that's what fans do ......
Listen to the wibbling rivalry Noel/Liam bootlegs. Liam thinks its rock n roll to get @#$*!ed up and get thrown of a ferry - threatened with jail. Noel says No!! Noel says rock n roll is doing the gig n looking after the fans who took you to that venue....... I'll never support this band again.


31.10.13 7:15 pm

I booked my husband two tickets as a wedding anniversary present. My husband took his brother. They both took the day off work in order to travel 200 miles, and paid for a hotel and the gig is cancelled! What a joke! I hope that the reason it's cancelled is NOT due to a hangover! If it is you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You have had all day to cancel instead it's half an hour before the gif is due to start. If u had cancelled earlier on this morning my husband and his brother would not have lost too much money. They don't make thousands of pounds like yourselves.
I imagine there is a lot of disgruntled fans out there to say the least. There is two very P****d of people that I know of. Sort yourselves out before you loose a lot of ther fans too!!!!!!!


31.10.13 7:12 pm

This just shows an abhorrent lack of respect for loyal fans who have paid what could be deemed to be an extortionate amount of money, purely to see a couple of hours worth of their favourite band playing songs for them. They need to remember that it is fans who got them to where they are - they may have let the attention from people high up in the industry get to their heads, but they will not have that attention for long if they lose the majority of their fans through behaviour such as this.

My heart truly goes out to those who were planning to see them tonight. I am so sorry for what has happened.


31.10.13 7:08 pm

So who do we speak to to claim our hotel cost back. If you had the decency to give enough warning wouldn't have checked in, in the first place. Seems you would rather get p@@@ed and do g@@r with your mates than keep to your commitment to the people who pay your wages. Fuming is an understatement.

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