Birmingham LG Arena - Thursday 31st October

We regret to advise that due to illness Arctic Monkeys will be unable to perform at the Birmingham LG Arena tonight (Thursday 31st October 2013).

Please retain your tickets and await further information.

We very much regret any inconvenience caused.

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31.10.13 7:07 pm

My husband rescheduled his workload and flew back from business in America to attend this concert with our son. It was our son's long awaited birthday present. They are currently sat in the carpark at the NEC and very disappointed. They will be even more disappointed when they know that the band were at the Groucho Club until 3.00 a.m. this morning. What a complete let down.


31.10.13 7:01 pm

So this is the 'trick' for Halloween this year, no treat for Arctic Monkey fans tonight.

I'm too upset to write anything coherent...


31.10.13 6:58 pm

Never been so upset and disappointed. Getting ready to see my fave band and you cancel because you got drunk. You need to seriously think about re-doing the gig or you will loose many fans, absolutely heartbroken.


31.10.13 6:57 pm

Da fuq you playing at?!?!!!? My uncle is in a band and was literally @#$*!ting himself but he still played. You cant even handle a couple of drinks you @#$*!s. You've let hundreds of your fans down because of your selfishness you lightweights. Disgraceful.


31.10.13 6:54 pm

After I shivered in the outside the doors of the NEC arena for 6 hours (lightly starved) as we were told that we weren't allowed to leave to get food otherwise we would loose our place in the queue.
Eventually, amongst a stampede of angry youths we managed to get through the glass doors and make our way inside the dungeon you call an arena, where we were forced to pay extortionate prices for what was essentially burger van grub due to earlier mentioned starvation.
Being the 105th in the queue, I felt like I'd won a gold medal at the Olympics. I was finally seeing the band of my dreams, the arctic monkeys. Only to find out in an impersonal, prerecorded, unsympathetic, drone of a voice that the gig had been cancelled and that I should leave.
No reason was given, no explanations what so ever. Just that I might not recieve a refund and to clear off ASAP. I want compensation for this inexcusable treatment!!!! I don't want an apology, I want tangible proof of how sorry you are for wasting my time, energy, money.


31.10.13 6:53 pm

Totally @#$*!ed off
Driven down from York , checked in to find they have cancelled
Would have known earlier they couldnt do it, will not come back for the rearranged date unless there is a bloody good explanation
Didnt seem much wrong with them at the Mercurys last night


31.10.13 6:52 pm

Totally disgusting! My girlfriend and her friend were setting off to the venue to hear this can manage to make some awards and have a few drinks on the house but clearly because you've had a few too many you've cancelled. I feel sorry for all the loyal fans who have spent money on getting there with accommodation plus the ticket costs. Who will reimburse them wwhlst you are still being paid to sit on your backsides.


31.10.13 6:44 pm

Potty face you don't have to be a carol vorderman to work it out. £120 hotel room. £10 parking. £60 fuel. £10 taxi from hotel.


31.10.13 6:37 pm

Unbelievable. Cancelling a gig can sometimes be unavoidable, but to cancel an hour and a half before you're due to go on stage is inexcusable. If told in time maybe we could get some money back on hotels and travel but the doors were even open before you cancelled!! Unknowing fans still arriving at the doors being turned away. It's unforgivable.


31.10.13 6:35 pm

Hammersfan11 - I think you have a fuel leak

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