Herd of Sheffield - Update

A successful auction raising over £400,000 for the Sheffield Childrens Hospital Charity resulted in the AM elephant being bought by Counter Context. The local firm have committed to returning AM to the city centre.

The AM elephant should be on display in the Winter Gardens within the next month.


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10.02.17 11:53 am

hello my name is Aaron I'm part of a digital video class and i want to see if i could get permission to use either do i wanna know or R U mine for our music video project if you can contact me back i would really appreciate it my deadline is monday thank you and have a good day


29.01.17 2:35 pm

Having a massive euphoric recall listening to what ever people say I am that's what am not! Ritz to the rubble, certain romance and riot van. Just make me smile my head off and be instantly happy. My fav album of all time!!! Can't wait for a new tour :) xx


29.01.17 11:51 am

Indonesia please


26.01.17 9:10 am

Come to Turkey!! I need ur music


25.01.17 1:01 am

i i respect for you action man :)


22.01.17 3:12 pm

From 2006 whatever people say I am that's what I'm not


22.01.17 3:10 pm

I love ur music and my favorite song of all time is From Ritz to Rubble


21.01.17 11:55 pm

You guys make the best music! (Do I Wanna Know is my favorite and the music video blows my mind every time I watch it.) I love how much heart you put into it. Your music has really helped me get through these last few years. Really hope to see more songs from you soon.


21.01.17 9:14 am

Pleaaseeeeee come to NYC ! New York City needs you !!!!


18.01.17 8:24 am

Please come to Bangkok! How can i make that possible pls pls pls tell????????????

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