Herd of Sheffield - Update

A successful auction raising over £400,000 for the Sheffield Childrens Hospital Charity resulted in the AM elephant being bought by Counter Context. The local firm have committed to returning AM to the city centre.

The AM elephant should be on display in the Winter Gardens within the next month.


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25.04.17 5:17 pm



24.04.17 2:05 pm

Welcom! I'm Weronika I'm from Poland. Me and my friend Weronika doscovered you two years ago. At the beginning we liked your music but with the passing of time we with fall in love with your work. For us this is more than music. This is are lifestyle. We regret we don't grown up with your music. We didn't have a change to be on your concert.. We alredy collect money to your concert. We want see you live. Come to Poland and make are dream come true. Probobly when we won't have a chcance to spend money on your concert we spend all this cash for stupid thinks. We know you are.@#$*!ed for us but would be nice if you read it. Greetings from Poland. Weronika & Weronika
Ps. We sorry for mistakes xoxo


22.04.17 11:21 pm

duuude you guys need to come to Canada!


12.04.17 8:48 am

I think i'm the only french people who comment here...


10.04.17 2:28 pm

I'm a 13 year old drummer and your honestly so inspiring, please come back to Sheffield!!!!


05.04.17 2:28 am

I know and love every single song of yours on the web. I'll go anywhere in the world to see you guys perform again. If not that, please please don't give up on us. I'm eagerly hoping for a new song, a new album, whatever you can manage. You're incredible!!


04.04.17 5:26 pm

Pls perform anywhere in Europe, ill travel wherever it's needed. Love from Serbia!


30.03.17 2:21 pm

Pls come 2 Portugal, you have a lot of fans here!


26.03.17 11:32 am

PLEASE come to Brazil!!!!!


24.03.17 2:44 am

Listen to them. Making accounts on your website to make posts about how much they want you guys to write and preform. Please do. We need it.

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