Birmingham & Glasgow

Following the decision to postpone the show at the Birmingham LG Arena tonight and after seeking medical advice, Arctic Monkeys must also postpone the show at the Glasgow Hydro on Fri November 1st.

Alex Turner has been diagnosed with Laryngitis and is regrettably not able to perform. The show at the LG Arena in Birmingham will now take place on November 20th and the show at the Glasgow Hydro will now take place on November 21st. All tickets will remain valid for these shows.

We wish to apologise to all ticket holders for any inconvenience this has caused. Please contact the customer services at the box office you purchased your tickets for any further assistance.

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31.10.13 10:47 pm

I was due to go to Glasgow Hydro for tomorrow's gig. Can't get cancellation on train or hotel (hotel won't change my booking to the new date, so will have to pay twice). Won't stop me going on the 21st tho. Get well soon. I don't see that they could have done anything differently if you're ill you're ill and everyone would still have had the same problem with cancellation charges etc.


31.10.13 10:44 pm

Some of the crawlers on here make me sick. I bet they all were nicely tucked up in doors when were all being let down at the last minute. Again if your ill your ill that can't be helped. But the short notice is unacceptable. Was last nights performance at the mercurys prerecorded then? Or was that not them leaving the Groucho at 3am this morning not the sort of behaviour of an ill man.


31.10.13 10:42 pm

Get @#$*!ed. I want a full refund.


31.10.13 10:41 pm

Totally agree with you hammerfan11!


31.10.13 10:35 pm

So didn't you know about this earlier today. If you were so ill surely you could have let us know a lot sooner, maybe before we all paid £100 to check in hotels. So who do we speak to about this, as a minimum you should be footing the bill for everyone who has had to pay for rooms they didn't need. I understand people get ill but you were out last night and only let us know 1 hour and a half before show time. This isn't on. I think if you can produce a receipt for your hotel you should be taking care of it due to the late notice. We didn't check in until 4oclock and you were tweeting the support band if you had the foresight/decency to let us all know your fans would have saved on paying money that is a lot to the normal person., at least the fans going to Glasgow have adequate warning. Oh and another week night nice one that really makes it easier for us all to find the time of work again.


31.10.13 10:34 pm

Get well soon. Great news on rescheduled gig. Thought we'd have to wait till next year x


31.10.13 10:34 pm

Some ridiculous responses from people here, understand the disappointment but calling them Frauds and telling them they could have given more notice makes you look a tool. Sorry, I didn't know you were their manager and we're fully informed on the situation. Idiots...


31.10.13 10:32 pm

What do you want them to do he can't sing with laryngitis can he I'm sure it states in the small print on the ticket that dates are subject to change I can see why people are disappointed but @#$*! happens


31.10.13 10:30 pm

Can't believe some of the things I'm reading, would you prefer they played the show without him singing or something? There's no other alternative


31.10.13 10:29 pm

I really do hope Alex's voice is rested for Sheffield actually. Glasgow will be the last night of the tour then and we will @#$*!ing wreck the place.

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