AM (2013)

09.09.13 | Album | DOMINO RECORDS


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03.09.13 1:09 pm

umcertoromance, cheers man


02.09.13 5:44 pm

Greetngs from Peru guys, YOU ROCK!


30.08.13 9:30 pm

that's awesome! Love u guys! (:


30.08.13 9:29 pm



23.08.13 7:26 pm

COME TO SAO PAULO - BRAZIL!!! Love u guys!


22.08.13 3:29 pm

You have now turned into my favourite band....only band with the ability to keep changing your style without loosing your roots and still a great sound. I am from London and now live in Austria....ever going to gig in Vienna?


20.08.13 10:59 am

Wish the 9th would hurry up!


20.08.13 10:12 am

What the hell happende to you guys? You used to be one of the best bands in the planet, and I bet that the thing that gave you so many awards was the fact that you were an unique, irreplaceble band. Were did all the "Don't Believe the Hype" feeling go, guys? You've lost it, you've sold yourself to crappy music and have stopped me from getting excited with your album releases. You lost all originality and you are an inch from losing everything that made you guys sppecial. I mean, you used to name your albums with stupid, special names that you could tell came from your hearts, and now you just used the bands inicials. What a disssapointment, really. I'm Portuguese and I've missed your performances every single time, and I felt crappy about it because one of the things I want most is to see you live.. but if you show up years from now and just worry abou playing for your new easily-satisfied pop-loving fans, I don't know why the hell will I spend 50 euros to see my favourite band if my favourite band doesn't exist anymore.
I know none of you will read this, but I sure hope you did, it would mean the world. But now that you are so fraking famous and consumed by it, you don't give a sh*it about your fans anymore, just the money and the babes. Not the music. I just hope someday you wake up and remember were you came from and how much better it all felt


16.08.13 6:18 am

I can't wait any longer for it's release

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