Last night these two bouncers
And one of em's alright
The other one's the scary one
His way or no way, totalitarian
He's got no time for you
Looking or breathing
How he dosen’t want you to
So step out the queue
He makes examples of you
And there's nowt you can say
Behind they go through to the bit where you pay
And you realize then that it's finally the time
To walk back past ten thousand eyes in the line
And you can swap jumpers and make another move
Instilled in your brain you've got something to prove
To all the smirking faces and the boys in black
Why can't they be pleasant?
Why can't they have a laugh?
He's got his hand in your chest
He wants to give you a duff
Well secretly I think they want it all to kick off
They want, arms flying everywhere and
Bottles as well it's just
Something to talk about
A story to tell you

Well I'm so glad they turned us all away we'll put it down to fate

I thought a thousand million things that I could never think this morning

Got too deep, but how deep is too deep?

This town's a different town today
This town's a different town to what it was last night
You couldn't have done that on a Sunday

That girl's a different girl today
That girl's a different girl to her you kissed last night
You couldn't have done that on a Sunday

Last night what we talked about
It made so much sense
But now the haze has ascended
It don't make no sense anymore
At The Apollo (Special Limited DVD Box Set)
Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
Five Minutes With Arctic Monkeys

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05.10.12 5:03 pm

also check the pictures, really nice!


25.01.12 2:51 pm

this is really one of the best songs ever made!
i luv it!!


07.12.11 7:20 pm

Es re difícil de cantarla D: como no es tan complicada en acordes, lo contrasta en la parte cantada


07.12.11 7:19 pm



16.09.11 1:00 pm

I only discovered it this summer but bloody hell it's good!!!!!!


01.03.11 2:59 pm

In fact, the whole album is pretty much about going out, getting drunk, trying to pull, then getting a taxi home.


01.03.11 2:54 pm

hammerskid5: It's basically about being drunk and trying to get into a nightclub on a Saturday night and the bouncers (doormen) turning you away.


08.02.11 3:58 pm

i <3 this song ....pretty cool :D


03.02.11 5:43 pm

sry evryone but im a "YANK" with british origins(why im into brit rock/indie) but these lyrics and most of their other lyrics dont quite make sense to me so if any one who does know the meanin plz that would help. cheers


09.12.10 7:15 pm

one of the bests songs of the world

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