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04.11.17 3:41 am

You probably not reading this but please come to israel!!


18.09.17 7:13 am

Billy Billy


18.09.17 7:12 am

i hate the airlines so fck off thx


24.08.17 8:03 pm

Please come back,please come to Peru.
love u guys,to the moon and never back.
grettings from Peru:)


08.07.17 9:40 pm

Your first album came out when I was eleven. I remember stumbling across it months after it was released. You've been my favorite band ever since. I can't wait for your next album. Thank you for what you do.


20.04.17 12:21 pm

Hey guys! 21 year old brazilian singer here. Love the Arctic Monkeys since 2008. One day I'll be playing with them, hopefully haha


20.04.17 12:18 pm



15.04.17 8:47 pm

I just wanted to thank you guys. I love listening to AM everyday before and after class. Yesterday was my birthday and i treated myself to buying your AM vinyl, and i love it. Thank you guys for being amazing. I hope you all have a wonderful day :)


22.02.17 6:47 pm

I really hope I'll be able to see you guys soon, I listen to Arctic Monkeys everyday for hours and always enjoy the tracks. Keep it up and release your gig dates as soon as possible.


26.01.17 8:35 pm

I I just love you. I listen every day and I can only dream to,her you someday.

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