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Do I Wanna Know?

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27.09.17 3:21 am

Come to Ecuador please!


29.01.14 7:25 pm

thank you arctic monkeys, you're such an inspiration for all of us!


22.12.13 1:52 am

i i have never loved a band so mcuh


26.10.13 9:45 pm

I feel this song


21.10.13 9:15 pm

dav band...ever!


20.10.13 6:51 pm

This album so amazing I've heard all song,and no 1 party anthem are really best song I've ever heard,please come to Indonesia,there are so many Arctic Monkeys fans in Indonesia,one of them are my special one,she really love Alex Turner,I'll wait for that moment


16.10.13 12:17 pm

It was a pleasure to have them back in Mexico,
his songs are musical orgasms. ??


14.10.13 2:10 am

Awesome!! Guys, this album is freaking me out!! I'm in love with "Do I wanna know", "Why'd you only call me when you're high", "R U mine?", "Fireside", "Knee socks", "One for the road", "Snap out of it"... Congrats! We're hoping for some show of AM here in Brazil soon :)

ana <3am

09.10.13 8:47 pm

Drums? What happened to the drums? They have always owned every track at least at some point in each number. Nathan, favorite worst nightmare is the best album in my opinion, but Arctic Monkeys- you can do no wrong with your lyrical style and your tightness. Saw your show in Houston last year. Wonderful show, just too big of a venue. Please do a private one and give me exclusive access. like maybe my living room, back yard, know, whatever. Hey! Doesn't hurt to ask. Oh well you play there all the time. You just don't know it.


08.10.13 1:40 pm

just amazing!! love you!!!

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