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Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?

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23.03.12 3:22 am

Alex the rhythm of your lyrics is @#$*!ing awesome, this song is really good :)


19.03.12 4:01 am

wooow¡¡¡ this song is incredible i can,t belive it
my best day 28-03-2012


15.03.12 11:42 pm

its a really good song of arctic ! Alex do the magic begin :)


15.03.12 6:39 am

I can not stop watching this clip. It's perfect. Battery in the air, confers. Nick O'Swag, confers. Take out the spectacles in a way cool, confers. Guitar in the air, confers. @#$*!es passing on the final match, confers.

Brazil @#$*!ing loves you, come to Porto Alegre!
Alex: R U Mine? Brazil: @#$*! YEAH! WE ARE JUST YOURS, MONKEYS!


15.03.12 6:29 am

Like this videos


15.03.12 6:24 am

come to indonesia please.... live in concert


13.03.12 11:21 am

I love this!!!!!! Yes proper tune, one of the best the best songs released since suck it and see, absolutely unreal like, well done monkeys, and alex's tatoo is amazing hahahah love itttttttt, and ayeeee deffinately ordering the bags and stuff, please come back to newcastle,
I love all of you guys
Alex Turner is God.


13.03.12 1:06 am

tidak ada jamie?cuma AM yg bsa biikin video klip tanpa personil lengkap. hahaha


11.03.12 10:20 am

jaimie is in the TV LOL ZOMG


10.03.12 10:17 pm

GREAT SONG!!! Im a fan from the release of the first album and this is one of the best songs since the release of suck it and see! but wheres Jamie???

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