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AM - South America 2014

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02.02.15 4:18 pm

You should come to Argentina!!! Love u guys


31.01.15 12:24 am

I'm so in love with you guys!! Can you make some scapella videos?


29.01.15 10:24 am

Hey, what do I have to do to play to my home for my birthday? Am joking. Are you planning to come to Athens in the future?


26.01.15 5:05 am

Please come to INDONESIA!!! You have many fans in here! Please please please:'(


24.01.15 4:45 pm

Come to Spain please, I love youso much :(((((


24.01.15 7:11 am

Please come to BCN!!!!!!


22.01.15 10:24 am

You guys should come to Mexico please!
My best band forever :) and my best wishes for all there ??


21.01.15 9:12 pm

14/11 it's my birthday. I am Brazilian and I went in your concert in São Paulo. The day of my birthday! What a incredible surprise! That was the best night of all my life. See you guys but the most important, hear you, was best gift I could had. Thank you, my boys, and I see you in the next time. Get on your dancing shoes.


10.01.15 1:53 pm

deben venir todos los años a chile ok?


06.01.15 11:55 am

Happy B day!!!!

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